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May 18, 2007 
Volume 29 Number 20 

Products, News & Information Data Centers Can Trust. Since 1979 

Mobile Devices 

What To Seek When Outfitting 
On-The-Go Employees 

by Christian Perry 

• • • 

For most enterprises, hardware purchas- 
es follow a rigid, streamlined path of 
research and testing. But when the purchase 
involves mobile devices, kinks are in- 
evitably introduced into the fold because 
many employees boast their own experi- 
ences with smartphones, notebooks, and 
similar devices. 

"Cool devices may be useful, but they 
need to be treated and evaluated like any 
other device that is to be allowed for use 
within the enterprise," says Larry Hamid, 
chief technology officer, MXI Security 

Further, some mobile devices simply 
aren't suited for use in small to midsized 
enterprises, whether because of their lofty 
price or their lack of management and 
administration functions. The good news is 
that several products can indeed hit the 
SME sweet spot, and we've assembled a 
few of them here. 

BlackBerry 8800 

Enterprises with massive IT departments 
might have the personnel to manage hordes 

of disparate mobile devices, but smaller 
companies thrive on administrative sim- 
plicity. As such, the BlackBerry 8800 
($299.99 with Cingular plan) from Re- 

search In Motion ( 
/RIM) can fit the bill when it comes to sat- 
isfying multiple mobile needs, including 
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Integrated Physical 
Infrastructure Products 

Integrated Products Combine Several Features 
For Communication, Monitoring & Control 

by John Brandon 

• • • 

Sometimes, finding the perfect blend 
of products in the data center can be a 
monumental challenge. Disparate security 
products that barely work together, net- 
work switches that deliver suboptimal 

speeds for a state-of-the-art SAN system, 
and wireless clients that don't support the 
latest 802.11 standards all contribute to the 
dilemma. In terms of the physical infra- 
structure in small and medium- sized enter- 
prises — including the server racks, cabi- 
nets, temperature monitoring systems, and 

With one vendor providing a technical solution, 

an integrated product is easier to maintain, 

support, and operate on a daily basis. 

other devices — there's often an additional 
challenge in keeping the data center run- 
ning smoothly. 

Integrated products that include multi- 
ple features beyond the core functionali- 
ty — such as a server rack that also helps 
monitor temperatures — are becoming 
increasingly popular. The reasons are 
clear: With one vendor providing a tech- 
nical solution, an integrated product is 
easier to maintain, support, and operate 
on a daily basis. Admins, especially in 
smaller companies, are gravitating toward 
these products as they expand or consoli- 
date the data center and look for ways to 
trim operational costs and time commit- 
ments, especially in the area of physical 
infrastructure in the data center. 
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In This 



Mobile & Portable Trends 

We've compiled information on some of the lat- 
est mobile products suited for the small to mid- 
sized enterprise, tips for securing those devices, 
and solutions to some of the top problems 
mobile employees encounter. 

Must-Have Mobile Devices 1 

Controlling Mobile Device Chaos 9 

Top Problems Mobile Employees Encounter 10 


Integrated Products 1 1 

Integrated products that include multiple features 
beyond the core functionality — such as a server 
rack that also monitors temperatures— are becom- 
ing increasingly popular. The reasons are clear. 

Innovative Cabling Products | 26 

Data centers need to be kept cool with superb air- 
flow. But how often do you think about how cabling 
impacts these and other data center necessities? 

Outsourcing Data Center Space | 27 

If you can't make your existing facilities work, the 
next best alternative is to either lease extra floor 
space or outsource some of your functions. 

Being A Good IT Manager | 28 

At one time, anyone who understood the differ- 
ence between memory and disk space was qual- 
ified to manage an IT department. Today, it 
takes more than just technical expertise to 
become a good IT manager. 

Product Releases 1 16 

■ CNS Software released Win Radar Reporter, 
new compliance reporting software for its Win- 
Radar Product Suite. ■ Karalon announced 
Traffic IQ Pro, which helps users test and prove 
the configuration of their network filtering defenses. 

■ The new ManageLinx suite of hardware and 
software products from Lantronix aims to offer 
scalable, secure access and management of 
remote devices outside the enterprise firewall. ■ 
Lexar Media announced its new ExpressCard 
SSD with auto-backup software. ■ Mem an- 
nounced its fourth-generation product suite for 
enterprise 802.1 1 n WLANs ■ Microsoft and 
Packeteer announced a joint effort to release 
Packeteer iShaper, which the companies say is 
the industry's first comprehensive Windows-based 
branch office IT solution. ■ Mirapoint announced 
an autonomous email security appliance, the 
RazorGate, which includes Embedded Policy 
Engine. ■ StoneFly announced a partnership with 
emBoot to deliver software-based boot-from-SAN 
functions that aim to reduce the cost of IP SAN 
ownership through better resource consolidation. 


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Marketplace News 4 

MarketWatch 5 

Product Releases 16 

Opinions 23 

Six Quick Tips 24 

What's Happening 29 

Three Questions 29 

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May 18, 2007 

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May 18, 2007 

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May 18, 2007 

A Better Connection 

Ethernet Fabric Switch Brings Higher Performance To SMEs 

As server performance increases and the 
number of servers and processor-dense 
blades continues to soar, connecting them 
and providing enough bandwidth becomes a 
significant challenge for IT administrators. 
One of the latest servers containing quad- 
core chips, for example, can drive four or 
more Gigabit Ethernet connections. Yet 
such an infrastructure has its limits, only 
able to scale to around 1,000 connections on 
the average network. One alternative is 
more modern lOGbE switches, but they 
carry a very high per-port price and con- 
sume a lot of power and space. 

To fill the void, Woven Systems released 
the EFX 1000 Ethernet Fabric Switch. 
According to Derek Granath, the compa- 
ny 's vice president of marketing, this 
device lowers the cost of lOGbE switching 
and cuts power consumption to 16 watts per 

port while taking up one-fifth of the rack 
space compared to competitive products. 

"Woven 's Ethernet fabric switch solutions 
eliminate Ethernet's traditional scalability 
limitations, allowing operators to build mas- 
sively scalable networks with more than 
4,000 lOGbE ports," says Granath. 

These gains are largely driven by Wo- 
ven' s vSCALE technology with Active 
Congestion Management. This balances 
traffic across the network to provide better 
user experiences. vSCALE incorporates 
packet processing features that efficiently 
manage traffic distribution. It dynamically 
monitors traffic flows, detects congestion 
across a large network, and automatically 
redirects traffic onto less congested paths 
without dropping or reordering packets. 

To ensure that critical apps meet required 
SLAs for end users, the EFX 1000 provides 

the ability to guarantee network resources as 
broadly or narrowly as desired. Bandwidth, 
for instance, can be partitioned to reserve 
capacity for higher-priority applications, 
while the remaining bandwidth is shared. 

EFX 1000 Ethernet Fabric Switch 

$1,500 per port 

Cut the total cost of server and storage interconnect 
in the data center while lowering power space 



Woven Systems 

May 18, 2007 

One-Box NAS Backup Appliance 

ZyXEL Targets SMEs With Hardware & Software Bundle 

ZyXEL Communications has entered the 
NAS market with an appliance targeted at 
the SME market that is designed to provide 
all-in-one data protection. 

The NSA-2400 is a SATA- 
based backup system with four 
bays to provide storage capacity 
of up to 3TB. It is bundled with 
Microsoft Small Business Server 
backup software, as well as back- 
up software for SQL and 
Exchange servers, RAID support, 
snapshot, and external backup, 
provided by Genie-Soft. 

"We have created a one-box solution 
with all the hardware as well as all the 
needed backup software for both client 
and servers," Shawn Rogers, product 
manager for ZyXEL, says. 
"We have found that small 
businesses are seeing their 
requirements for data backup 
are growing by as much as 
60% a year, and there are not 
too many businesses that can 
afford to lose data." 

Existing NAS backup appli- 
ance products in the market 

generally require end users to acquire and 
integrate client and server software on 
their own, a situation that can put an 
unneeded task on limited and overbur- 
dened IT staffs within many SMEs, he 

The NSA-2400 is available through 
ZyXEL' s value added resellers and has a 
suggested resale price of $989.99. Server 
backup software alone can cost about 
$400, Rogers says. 

The backup appliance is expected to be 
used by virtually any SME, but it is partic- 
ularly attractive to small office or branch 
locations where affordable and local stor- 
age is essential, such as a doctor's office 
that has growing requirements for regula- 
tory compliance and is increasingly using 
digital files for x-rays and other medical 
documents, Rogers notes. 

The appliance has a snapshot feature to 
automatically keep the drives updated as 
new data is generated, and it can be connect- 
ed to additional NSA-2400 appliances. It 
integrates with Windows Domain Controller 
to ease the creation of user policy rules or to 
set permission layers or storage limitations. 

ZyXEL NSA-2400 

Backup appliance provides up to 3TB of storage 
with pre-integrated software. 



May 18, 2007 

May 18, 2007 

A CMDB Solution For SMEs 

Unified Platform Bridges Diverse CMDB Concepts 

Midsized organizations are a demand- 
ing environment for IT planning and 
maintenance. Often, the midsized organi- 
zation comes with enterprise-class trou- 
bles and a small business budget, present- 
ing unique challenges for IT management 
personnel and product vendors alike. 
Now, IT support staff that need to employ 
ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library) best prac- 
tices and CMDB (configuration manage- 
ment database) techniques have a new 
option: CMDB Solution from Altiris (cur- 
rently part of Symantec). 

According to Dave Johnson, Symantec 
market segment manager for the Altiris 
business unit, this product targets ". . . pri- 
marily midsized companies and other 
organizations with a need to accurately 
manage the configuration of their assets 
and understand the relationships between 
the services that IT provides to the busi- 
ness and the assets they manage." 

Not all organizations are seeking to 
solve the same set of problems with their 
CMDB deployment. Altiris recognizes 
this and has developed a product that fits 
the diverse needs of midsized organiza- 
tions looking for quick value from a 
CMDB. By converging configuration 
management, change execution, and ITIL 
best practices into a single platform, 
Altiris CMDB Solution enables organiza- 
tions to save money by automating tasks 
that were previously done manually and 
enables them to make better decisions 
about managing change within their envi- 

Visibility of key information is just the 
start for the CMDB Solution from Altiris. 

This software is designed to be easy to use 
for IT workers and provides cross-product 
integration and process automation fea- 
tures. Integration with products from other 
vendors provides greater value and func- 
tionality while protecting investments in 
CMDB offerings from BMC, CA, and oth- 
ers. Process automation increases value by 
improving change management and exe- 
cution for system processes. 

There are several approaches to using a 
CMDB. There are relationship visibility 
tools as well as data reporting engines out 
there, and CMDB Solution from Altiris 
offers the best of both worlds at a price 
within reach of the midsized organization. 
With this strategy the company hopes to 
gain market share by offering customers 
new capabilities and better value than the 

Altiris CMDB Solution will be avail- 
able in the second half of this year 
through distribution channels, direct sales, 
and OEM partners. 

Altiris CMDB Solution 

$6,995 per concurrent user 

Easy-to-use solution that helps deliver automated 
IT operations, improved IT governance, compli- 
ance, and asset \ 




mtw'tive > manageability 

Protection For Stored Data 

Crossroads Offers Security For Removable Storage 

Just because sensitive data is off the 
main server and backed up to tape is no 
guarantee that someone can't steal the tapes 
or get access to confidential data on them. 
Businesses need to protect medical, finan- 
cial, and other sensitive information, en- 
crypting the data before it goes into storage. 

The StrongBox TapeSentry from 
Crossroads Systems compresses and 
encrypts data at wire-level speed. Features 
include industry-standard encryption 
algorithms, crypto-signed logging, and 
robust key management in order to help 
companies protect their data. 

"This is targeted at any company with 
removable storage," says Rob Sims, presi- 
dent and CEO of Crossroads Systems. "It 
should be of interest to any company that 
values its intellectual property." 

TapeSentry leverages Crossroads' long 
history with storage and SANs. "We cut 
our teeth on SANs and have over 400,000 
tape drives that we aggregate and make into 
networked devices," Sims says. It was only 
logical to provide security for them. 

TapeSentry offers 4-port, 4Gb Fibre 
Channel connectivity at wire-level speeds. 
"This is not two in and two out," Sims 
says. "It is a true routing core with any 
port-to-any port connectivity. It provides 
high-availability networking with multiple 
paths to the input side of the box. On the 

output side, those ports can connect to indi- 
vidual devices for failover, for example." 

It uses the AES-256 encryption algo- 
rithm and features an audit log of key activ- 
ity. TapeSentry supports heterogeneous 
tape environments and offers seamless inte- 
gration with backup applications, tape dri- 
ves, libraries, and many operating systems. 
The key is encrypted and fully secured. 
Data is separately stored with an ID. An 
encryption of the ID is stored, so without 
both the key and appropriate authentication, 
nobody can get to the data. Keys are gener- 
ated by a random number generator and 
distributed via SSL (secure sockets layer). 

There is full logging of access to the 
system and a record of key activity that 
allows tracking access or changes. 

"With our multiple mapping capability, 
you can choose when you do encrypt and 
when you don't," Sims says. This reduces 
the number of encryption boxes and dri- 
ves required in a SAN and adds to the 
box's cost-performance value, he adds. 

Crossroads StrongBox 


Protects stored data from unauthorized access or 
theft and satisfies regulatory requirements 




Page 4 



| I HP Raises Its Expectations For Q2 

Due to strong performance from 
its Personal Systems Group and in 
industry-standard servers, HP will raise its 
financial outlook for its second quarter. 
According to Thompson First Call, which 
found the average of different analysts' 
predictions for the quarter, HP was expect- 
ed to report revenue of about $24.58 billion 
and earnings per share totaling 65 cents. 
However, HP is now saying it expects to 
see revenue somewhere between $25.5 bil- 
lion and $25.55 billion and non-GAAP 
earnings of 69 or 70 cents per share. HP 
hadn't planned to release the information 
about its expectations, but financial infor- 
mation was inadvertently released to an 
outside entity, so the company decided to 
make the information public. 

I Cisco Posts Strong Fiscal Q3 Earnings 

Network equipment maker Cisco Sys- 
tems' fiscal third quarter showed solid 
gains, as the company reported its revenue 
increased 21% year over year from $7.32 
billion last year to $8.87 billion this year. 
Profit for the quarter was $1.87 billion, an 
increase of 34%, with earnings totaling 30 
cents per share. During the quarter, Cisco 
purchased a few companies, including 
WebEx Communications, which special- 
izes in online collaboration, and Five 
Across, a developer of technology for 
social networking. It also acquired some 
assets of social networking firm Utah Street 
Networks. Cisco says it hopes its new 
acquisitions will help power Web 2.0. 

I Dell Backs Microsoft & Novell Pact 

Dell has become the first major PC 
vendor to participate in the Microsoft- 
Novell partnership. Microsoft and Novell 
announced last November that they would 
work together to make it easier to run both 
Linux and Windows on the same systems. 
As part of the deal, Microsoft will offer 
support for Novell's SuSE Linux; the two 
also agreed to provide patent protection for 
each others' customers. Dell will begin pur- 
chasing SuSE Linux Enterprise Server cer- 
tificates from Microsoft; Dell will market 
the product to help in migrations for Linux 
users who are not already Dell Linux cus- 

I FCC Backs Wireless Broadband 

While at a recent meeting of the 

Churchill Club at the Microsoft offices in 
Mountain View, Calif., Federal Commu- 
nications Commission Chairman Kevin 
Martin announced that broadband is the 
FCC's top priority. He also discussed wire- 
less broadband technology as a way of 
spreading access to the Internet. Other sub- 
jects included the auctioning off of fre- 
quencies in the 700MHz spectrum, which 
will allow broadband to branch out beyond 
DSL and cable Internet. During the meet- 
ing, Martin explained, "The 700MHz auc- 
tion is a piece of spectrum that we're 
reclaiming because of the analog-to-digital 
transition for television, and that spectrum 
has the capability of delivering significant 
amounts of data and information at rela- 
tively low power." 

I Online Criminal Hijacking On The Rise 

"Brandjacking," in which someone 

hijacks an online corporate brand in an 
attempt to make money, is on the rise, 
according to MarkMonitor, a company spe- 

cializing in brand protection. MarkMonitor 
made the statement as part of its first quar- 
terly Brandjacking Index, which investigates 
tactics such as cybersquatting, false associa- 
tion, pay-per-click fraud, and domain kiting. 
On average, the company says it finds more 
than 300,000 incidents of abuse each week; 
cybersquatting is the most frequent form of 
abuse. Man Salim, president and chief exec- 
utive officer of MarkMonitor, says that 
"criminals have learned the rules of online 
marketing and how to exploit the system . . . 
brandj ackers are adaptive, security- savvy, 
and opportunistic." 

I IM Attacks Up Last Month 

Malicious code attacks transmitted 
over instant messaging networks rose 23% 
from March to April, according to IM secu- 
rity company Akonix Systems. Researchers 
at Akonix' s IM Security Center reported 38 
such attacks, a significant increase over last 
year. The company also noted that April 
marks the first instance this year that the 
number of malicious attacks over IM chan- 
nels has risen from one month to the next. 
In addition, the researchers tracked attacks 
on P2P networks, such as eDonkey and 
Kazaa, and found 36 such attacks, an 
increase of 44% over March's total. 

I SonicWALL Reports Spam Increase In Q1 

For this year's first quarter, network 
and email security firm SonicWALL 
reported a significant surge in spam, up 
44.29% over the previous quarter. The 
company's Smartlab compiled the results 
and found "good email" increased to 
6.83%, up from 5.84% in Q4 2006, while 
total junk mail, which comprises spam, 
viruses, phishing, Directory Harvest, and 
related attacks, increased by 24.46% for the 
quarter. Directory Harvest attacks account- 
ed for the majority of the junk mail — 
57.99% — but showed a decline from the 
previous quarter, when they made up 
63.52% of overall junk mail. Phishing 
attacks made up less than 1 % of total email, 
but they do continue to increase in volume. 

I Microsoft Buys Tellme 

The acquisition of speech technology 

vendor Tellme Networks by Microsoft was 
recently finalized. Although details of the 
deal were not disclosed, industry sources 
have estimated it to be worth $800 million. 
Jeff Kunins, Tellme' s vice president of mar- 
keting, has said he will continue on with 
Microsoft, although he's not sure in what 
capacity. According to Kunins, the acquisi- 
tion will help Microsoft in the areas of uni- 
fied communications, mobile search, and 
software as a service/speech as a service. 

I Siemens Buys UGS 

Siemens AG has acquired product life 
cycle management software and services 
provider UGS in a deal worth $3.5 billion, 
which includes the assumption of existing 
debt. Final approval for the acquisition was 
granted by the European Commission late 
last month. The company will become a divi- 
sion of the Siemens Automation and Drives 
Group called UGS PLM Software. UGS' 
Tilo Brandis and Peter Bichara will remain 
with the company. Brandis will be named 
president, while Bichara will become execu- 
tive vice president and CFO. Most of UGS 
PLM Software's management team will also 
continue to serve in their respective roles. 

I Reporters To Sue HP 

Three reporters plan to sue HP for 

invasion of privacy after their personal phone 
records were examined by HP investigators 
as they attempted to uncover the sources 
leaking private information about the compa- 
ny' s board of directors. The three CNET 
reporters are seeking punitive damages. 
Originally, nine journalists were involved in 
settlement talks with HP: Four reporters from 
BusinessWeek and The New York Times are 
still involved in settlement talks, while two 
reporters from The Wall Street Journal are 
no longer seeking compensation. 

I IBM & Amazon Settle 

IBM and Amazon settled their long-run- 
ning patent fight, with Amazon paying IBM 
an unspecified amount. The two also agreed 
on a patent cross-licensing deal that will give 
Amazon access to some of IBM's patents 
regarding technology used on the Web. The 
IBM patents in question involve ordering 
items online and storing data in an interactive 
network. The dispute began in September 
2002 when the two companies were in dis- 
cussions over licensing. IBM issued a formal 
suit against Amazon last October; Amazon 
countersued in December. 

I IBM Selling Lenovo Shares 

After selling 300 million shares of its 
Lenovo stock in February, IBM will sell 
another batch of 223 million shares — about 
one-third of its holdings. The Chinese gov- 
ernment is the largest shareholder of Lenovo 
stock, and before the recent sale, IBM was 
the second largest shareholder. IBM acquired 
the stock in 2005 when Lenovo purchased 
the company's PC division. At that time, the 
companies agreed IBM could sell one-third 
of its shares every year between May 2006 
and May 2008. Last year, however, the 
agreement was modified to allow IBM to sell 
off its shares by November 2007. 



This information provides a quick glimpse of current and historical stock 
prices and trends for 16 major companies in the technology market. 

1 Company 


Year Ago 

May 7 

May 9 

% change from 
previous week 






▲ 4.97% 

BEA Systems 





▲ 5.11% 

Computer Associates 





T 0.35% 

Cisco Systems 





T 4.67% 






▲ 0.54% 

Electronic Data Systems 





▲ 1 .04% 






A 0.42% 



$31 .63 



▲ 2.58% 






A 1.18% 






▲ 2.32% 






T 0.68% 






▲ 0.23% 







Red Hat Software 





T 0.4% 

Sun Microsystems 





T 0.38% 






▲ 1 .33% 

NOTE: This information is meant for reference only and should not be used as a basis for buy/sell decisions. 

May 18, 2007 




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Wireless Security 

NAC & WLAN Appliances 

To Keep Your Connection Protected 

by Chris Jackson 

For many companies, including small to 
medium- sized enterprises, providing wire- 
less access entails a significant compro- 
mise in network security. In addition to 
creating another avenue for miscreants to 
use in attempting to penetrate your net- 
work, authorized mobile client devices 
are yet another device to securely man- 
age. Whether it's ensuring that the appro- 
priate antivirus software is in use, scan- 
ning for malware, validating security 
updates, or managing user authentication 
and permissions, providing secure net- 
work access has become far more compli- 
cated than simply providing a user with 
an SSID and password for your enterprise 
WLAN. Fortunately for SMEs seeking to 
secure their wireless access, there are a 
number of NAC (network access control) 
and wireless security systems available 
that help mitigate the risks inherent in 
wireless networking. 

Vernier Networks 
EdgeWall 8800 

Vernier Networks, based in Mountain 
View, Calif., says that its EdgeWall 8800 
is designed to ensure that any client 

capability to handle traffic rates of up to 
4Gbps for layers 2 through 7 and up to 
40Gbps for base access control functions, 
the 8800 has the performance headroom 
enterprises need for today's high-traffic 

Juniper Networks 
Infranet 4000 

Juniper Networks, headquartered in 
Sunnyvale, Calif., says that its strategy 
for securing your enterprise WLAN 
revolves around its UAC (Unified Access 
Control) system. The heart of the UAC is 
the Infranet Controller 4000, featuring 
support for Juniper's Steel-Belted Radius 
authentication system. Designed with the 
SME in mind, the Infranet 4000 can also 


Vernier Networks EdgeWall 8800 

Base chassis: $14,995 

Highly scalable Network Access Control platform 
that continuously inspects endpoints for policy 

accessing your network meets the policy 
levels you've selected. In addition, the 
8800 includes robust intrusion prevention 
system functionality to ensure that traffic 
from approved clients is in accordance 
with your enterprise's security policy. 
The 8800 uses its IPS functionality to pro- 
tect network layers 2 through 7 and inter- 
operates with any third-party switching 
and routing components you may already 
have in service. 

When your wireless clients attempt to 
log in to your 802. lx access point, the 
8800 can act as either a RADIUS server or 
a RADIUS proxy for an existing RADIUS 
system. Each client is then scanned for the 
appropriate level of software patches and 
antivirus updates before being granted 
access to your network. In addition, the 
8800 features granular admission policies 
for client systems, directing them to reme- 
diation sites or simply restricting their 

The 8800 is designed around a 4-slot 
chassis that lets customers easily expand 
the system as their needs grow. With the 


Juniper Networks Infranet 4000 


Creating dynamic security policies for WLAN clients 
is only the tip of the iceberg for Juniper's Infranet 

be used in a clustered configuration for 
high availability. 

The Infranet Controller 4000 is a secure 
policy management server that monitors 
clients for security state and device loca- 
tion. Once this is combined with user 
authentication, the Infranet Controller 
4000 creates a dynamic policy that is 
propagated to network endpoints, typi- 
cally 802. lx wireless access points or 
VPN clients accessing the network over 
the Internet. 

Once a client device is approved for 
access to the network, it is issued an IP 
address, and appropriate access policies 
are distributed to control systems such as 
firewalls and proxy devices. The UAC is 
designed to support clients running 
Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and Solaris 
platforms. For enterprises that have a high 
volume of guest users, the Infranet 
Controller can be operated in agentless 
mode, while still providing robust securi- 
ty for the enterprise. 

When utilizing its downloadable OAC 
(Odyssey Access Client), the client device 
receives an integrated personal firewall 
for dynamic client-side enforcement of 
policies. When used in conjunction with a 
Windows client, the agent leverages 
IPSec VPN functionality as well as SSO 
(single sign-on) support via Windows 
Active Directory. 

Secure Computing 
SnapGear SG565 

Secure Computing, which is based in 
San Jose, Calif., says its SnapGear SG565 
is targeted at small to medium-sized 
enterprises that want to minimize the 

administrative overhead of securing their 
wireless infrastructure while still provid- 
ing robust security. Featuring both Web- 
based management as well as console- 
based configuration, the SG565 is de- 
signed around ease of use. 

For the SME needing secure wireless 
access, the SG565 supports both 802.11b/g 
networks, authenticated via either WPA 
Personal or WPA x.509 Enterprise. Each 
SG565 can utilize redundant network con- 
nections and can operate in pairs to pro- 
vide a failover capability should one 
SG565 fail or need to be serviced. 

The SG565 also has a full-fledged VPN 
suite, supporting IPSec, L2TP, and PPTP 
protocols powered by hardware-acceler- 
ated encryption. In addition, the SG565 
incorporates a stateful inspection firewall 
with intrusion protection and containment 
via the open-source Snort and Nessus 
products. Logging of security events can 
either be done locally on the SG565 or to a 
remote logging server. Combine this with 
the SG565's ability to perform gateway 
antivirus email scanning, and the combined 


Secure Computing SnapGear SG565 


An all-in-one appliance capable of securing your 
WLAN while providing additional security features 
such as email filtering 

security impact is tremendous for a device 
in this price range. 

An additional component of the SG565 
is the ability to segregate the network into 
as many as five compartments or zones. 
By controlling access to each of these 
zones, the SG565 makes managing securi- 
ty simpler and more effective. Publicly 
accessible systems can be placed in a 
demilitarized zone, while more important 
internal systems can be grouped with a 
different security policy protecting access 
to their data. 

Lockdown Networks 
Lockdown Enforcer 1U 

The proliferation of both remote and 
guest users has driven enterprises to 
devices capable of validating both the 
security profile of a guest device, as well 
as controlling which company resources 
the device can access. The Lockdown 
Enforcer from Lockdown Networks, which 
has its headquarters in Seattle, excels at 
both roles, enforcing appropriate authenti- 
cation protocols while also assisting in 
client remediation. 

Designed around a high-availability 
platform, the Lockdown Enforcer focuses 
on enforcement at the point of entry. As 
clients attempt to access your WLAN, 

they're first authenticated against the 
appropriate authentication system: 
802.1.x, RADIUS, LDAP, or Windows 
AD authentication. 

Next, the remote device is scanned for a 
health assessment, either using the 
Lockdown Agent or functioning in agent- 
less mode. The Lockdown Agent can 


Lockdown Networks Lockdown Enforcer 


Controlling guest and remote access to your net- 
works is simple with policy-based NAC that vali- 
dates clients 

assess both Windows and Mac OSX 
clients. Once the health of the remote 
device has been assessed, the device is 
assigned to the appropriate network or 
directed to any mandated remediation 
while the device is quarantined in a safe 

The Lockdown Enforcer 1U is designed 
around an Intel Celeron Processor and 
occupies 1U of rack space. It features two 
10/100/1000Gb Ethernet interfaces and 
supports centralized reporting. Lockdown 
Networks has designed the Lockdown 
Enforcer series to interoperate with your 
existing network infrastructure, and it uses 
best of breed tools to function smoothly. 
Like many of the NAC devices used to 
secure your WLAN, the Lockdown En- 
forcer can also be used to secure any net- 
work device. 

Buying Tips 

Any time an outside system can access 
your small to medium-sized enterprise's 
network, you're exposing the company 
jewels to some degree. Skimping on se- 
curity for your wireless systems can have 
devastating consequences. The following 
tips will help you get the most out of your 

Plan for failover. Having a single point of 
failure will eventually lead to service 
disruptions on your wireless network. 
Make sure that any components 
protecting your WLAN can be expanded 
when your budget permits to include 
redundant devices. This will allow for 
device failure or when maintenance 
requires significant periods of downtime. 

Plan for upgrades and interoperability. 

Make sure that each appliance or device 
you purchase can be upgraded as your 
requirements change. Also make sure 
that each device can interoperate with 
existing systems as well as any systems 
you plan on deploying during the device's 
life cycle. Most reputable systems can be 
integrated with best-of-breed systems, 
but double-check to make sure that you 
don't overlook any legacy or custom sys- 
tems operating on your network. 

Plan for failure. No network device is 
invulnerable. That's why most security 
professionals design systems around the 
"defense in depth" concept. Make sure 
you aren't relying entirely on a single 
system to protect your network. 

Page 6 

May 18, 2007 


Want your business to be more productive? 

The ASA Servers powered by the Dual Core Xeon processor provide 

Hardware Systems For The Open Source Community-since 1 989 

1 U Dempsey/Woodcrest Storage server Stand at-$l ,841 


-Rack solid quality rackmount 

system with excellent cooling. 

-Custom OS including Linux, 

Solaris*BSD, MS Windows, Suse, 

Debian, etc. 

-Hardware and software RAID 


-High density cluster nodes. 

-SATA-SCSI-SAS-Fiber Raid. 

-iSCSI and NAS storage 


-High end custom workstations 

-On-site warranty support for 

most of our products. 

-1TB Storage installed. Max-3TB. 

-Intel Dual core 5030 CPU (Qty-1), Max-2 CPUs 

-1GB 667MGz FBDIMMs installed. 

-Supports 16GBFBDIMM. 

-4X250GB htswp SATA-II Drives installed. 

-4 port SATA-II RAID controller. 

-2X10/100/1000 LAN onboard. 


3U Dempsey/Woodcrest Storage server Stand at-$4,191 

■ --=Tfii 

-4TB Storage installed. Max-12TB. 
-Intel Dual core 5050 CPU. 
-1GB 667MGz FBDIMMs installed. 
-Supports 16GB FBDIMM. 
-16X250GB htswp SATA-II Drives installed. 
-16 port SATA-II RAID controller. 
-2X10/100/1000 LAN onboard. 
-800W Red PS. 

5U Dempsey/Woodcrest Storage server Stand at- $6,991 

-6TB Storage installed. Max-18TB. 
-Intel Dual core 5050 CPU. 
-5GB 667MGz FBDIMMs installed. 
-Supports 16GB FBDIMM. 
-24X250GB htswap SATA-II Drives installed. 
-2X10/100/1000 LAN onboard. 
-930W Red PS. 

2U Dempsey/Woodcrest Storage server Stand at-$3,891 

-3TB Storage installed. Max-9TB. 

-Intel Dual core 5050 CPU (Qty-1), Max-2 CPUs. 

-1GB 667MGz FBDIMMs installed. 

-Supports 16GB FBDIMM. 

-12X250GB htswp SATA-II Drives installed. 

-12 port SATA-II RAID controller 

-2X10/100/1000 LAN onboard. 

-500W Red PS. 

-Custom chassis design per 
your needs for your appli- 

-Custom logo printing. 

-Facilitating in getting various 
certifications like FCC/UL/CE, 

-Custom installation of your 

-Drop ship on your behalf. 

Technical Expertise 

We have a highly qualified 
technical and engineering 
team consisting of Redhat 
certified engineers. They are 
dedicated to address any 
questions you may have with 
our hardware products. Our 
sales engineers are experts in 
providing you solutions that 
suit your needs while keeping 
your budget low. . 

8U Dempsey/Woodcrest Storage server Stand at-$l 1 ,441 

-10TB Storage installed. Max-30TB. 

-Intel Dual core 5050 CPU. 

-Quantity 42 installed. 


-Supports 32GB FBDIMM. 

-40X250GB htswap SATA-II Drives installed. 

-2X12 Port SATA-II Multilane RAID controller. 

-1X16 Port SATA-II Multilane RAID controller. 

-2X10/100/1000 LAN onboard. 


We provide approved EVAL server for 1 days. 
Do Business With ASA? 

Since 1989, ASA has served customers like Cisco, Juniper, Caltech, Fermilab 

and most Universities. We provide total custom solutions with OS of your 

choice. Excellent pre-sales and post-sales support. Reliable hardware at most 

competitive prices. Please call or contact us for your next hardware purchase. 

1 -800-REAL-PCS 

May 18, 2007 

Page 7 



May 4, 2007 

Manage Bandwidth & Security 
With User Identity Resolution 

A10 Networks Appliances Help You Improve 
Security, Increase Performance & More 

A10 Networks' EX Series and IDsentrie 
provide one-of-a-kind bandwidth and 
identity management capabilities to help 
your enterprise simplify network manage- 
ment and improve security. 


IDsentrie is the industry's first network 
identity management appliance with instant 
user identity resolution. With IDsentrie, 
organizations improve their security and 
compliance requirements by enabling 
quicker network forensics. Busy IT depart- 
ments can speed troubleshooting with IP- 
to-ID Services instantly resolving network 
issues to the users responsible. System 
administrators are more productive with 
Unified Identity Manager's ability to cen- 
trally provision and manage user accounts 
from multiple data stores simultaneously. 
Employees are more productive with User 
Self Help Services eliminating the need for 
help desk engineers to reset passwords and 
unlock accounts. Security is increased with 
network authentication and Radius features 
preventing unauthorized network access. 
And IDsentrie' s rich reporting and auditing 
features provide full user identity visibility. 

The appliance's new version 2.0 
firmware offers additional database sup- 
port, enhanced identity management capa- 
bilities, customizable self service features 
and an improved GUI and reporting tools. 

Key features in version 2.0: 

SQL support. Supports Oracle SQL, 
Microsoft SQL, and mySQL, bringing 
support across a variety of popular and 
custom applications. 

Generic parser. Custom parser rules 
can be created to allow the IDsentrie 
Identity Event Manager to parse any text- 
based events from third-party devices, 
enhancing user identity forensics. 

User-customizable self service. For 
self-service password and account man- 
agement, users can now configure their 
own self service questions and answers, 
further decreasing the time needed from 

The IDsentrie appliance offers integrated features 
designed to enhance network authentication. 

the help desk to service customers on 
account management issues. 
Improved GUI and reporting tools. 

IDsentrie' s GUI has been streamlined to 
speed access to many of its key features 
and has added a new reporting function to 
let users quickly access IDsentrie' s more 
than 140 reports. 

EX Series 

The EX Series is the industry's only 
secure WAN management appliance with 

The EX Series secure WAN management appliance 
offers identity-based application visibility. 

identity-based application visibility. By 
managing bandwidth and traffic with 
unprecedented user and application visi- 
bility, the EX Series helps organizations 
of all sizes secure, optimize, and scale 
their network edge and perimeter. WAN 
management functions are consolidated 
into an appliance with user identity capa- 
bilities, so organizations can simplify 
their management of edge services and 
increase performance and reliability for 
applications while simplifying trou- 
bleshooting, compliance, and identity 
forensic activities. 

With the EX Series' advanced Feature 
Chaining capabilities, customers can mix 
and match EX Series features to customize 
WAN management solutions to fit their 
network requirements without sacrificing 
performance or adding unnecessary laten- 
cy, unlike implementing point play prod- 
ucts from multiple vendors. 

The EX Series provides: 
Instant WAN user visibility. 
Correlates between WAN application 
activity and user identity for top band- 

width usage, IM, file transfer, and email 
applications. Provides top user information 
for more than 100 business application 
classes for network tracking, troubleshoot- 
ing, and compliance. 

Advanced WAN optimization. Inte- 
grates link load balancing, advanced band- 
width management, site-to-site compres- 
sion, and cache redirection to optimize and 
control WAN resources. 

Network infrastructure security. 
Provides firewall load balancing and iden- 
tifies network anomalies to protect against 
attacks such as Distributed Denial of 
Service, port scans, address sweeps, pro- 
tocol misuse, malformed packets, and 
much more. 

Scalability and reliability. Leverages 
an SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) 
architecture to deliver up to 2Gbps of 
aggregate throughput and rate shaping/lim- 
iting capabilities. Ensures service avail- 
ability with redundant RAID-1 hard dri- 
ves, advanced redundant power supplies, 
and removable smart fans. 

A10 Networks EX Series & 

The EX is a high-performance appliance that man- 
ages bandwidth with unprecedented user visibility; 
the IDsentrie is the industry's first network identity 
management appliance with instant user identity 






March 30, 2007 

Steelcape Secures & Accelerates Data 

New Solution Effectively Sends Data Without Opening Ports In The Firewall 

Companies spend billions to deter hack- 
ers. Current security offerings rely on 
encryption, but Steelcape believes in a more 
powerful approach that rejects the notion 
that ports must be opened and stay open. 
The Steelcape solution allows transactions 
to be completed without creating a hole in a 
user's firewall, and without the need for 
ongoing involvement of a central server. 

Steelcape has developed an alternative 
TCP/IP communication method. This re- 
sults in secure data being able to traverse 
the firewall unhindered. Steelcape alters IP 

packets, enabling them to pass through 
firewalls unchallenged and unmodified. 
Steelcape' s blend of patented computing 
algorithms and packet manipulation can be 
used to replace elements of the existing 
TCP/IP protocol stack or supplement the 
existing TCP/IP protocol stack. It is an 
ideal VPN or VLAN alternative and is com- 
patible with TCP/IP version 4 and 6. 

Steelcape concentrates security at the data 
level, and our easy-to-implement software 
agent deployment provides faster and more 
secure communication between computers. 

With Steelcape, you benefit from: 

• Elimination of the need to open firewall 
ports. You'll see a greatly reduced risk of 
internal and external hacking and reduced 
cost of security solutions. 

• Direct communication between two com- 
puters with limited overhead. This 
means reduced bandwidth requirements 
by up to 25%, reduced lag time by 10%, 
reduced number of servers by up to 25%, 
and a reduced support staff. 

• Bypassing of the transport layer, resulting 
in a decentralized enterprise architecture. 

The Steelcape solution can be deployed 
from either a hardware appliance or soft- 
ware-based agent. Typical implementa- 
tions are to deploy a point-to-point imple- 
mentation that takes minutes to show 
results. The Steelcape Enterprise Manager 
provides reporting and managing of the 
digital signatures and encryption rules. 

Steelcape Solution 

Uses an alternative to TCP/IP that results in secure 
data being able to traverse the firewall unhindered 





raft" 1 * 1 "*" 

April 27, 2007 

Server & Storage Clustering 

Mellanox ConnectX IB Dual-Port 20Gbps InfiniBand Adapter Devices 
Can Speed Data Access, Lower Costs 

Mellanox ConnectX InfiniBand HCA 
(host channel adapter) devices deliver low 
latency and high bandwidth for perfor- 
mance-driven server and storage clustering 
applications in data centers and other envi- 
ronments. Clustered databases, parallelized 
applications, transactional services, and 
high-performance embedded I/O applica- 
tions will achieve significant performance 
improvements resulting in reduced com- 
pletion time and lower cost per operation. 

ConnectX IB simplifies network deploy- 
ment by consolidating clustering, commu- 
nications, storage, and management I/O 
and providing enhanced performance in 
virtualized server environments. The 
devices are well suited for blade server and 
landed on motherboard designs due to 
their small overall footprint requirement. 

Clustered and client/server applications 
achieve maximum performance over 
ConnectX IB because CPU cycles are avail- 

able to focus on 
application process- 
ing instead of net- 
working functions. 

A unified Infini- 
Band cluster for 
computing and stor- 
age achieves signifi- 
cant advantages over 
multifabric networks. Standard block and 
file access protocols leveraging InfiniBand 
RDMA result in high-performance storage 
access. Data reliability is improved through 
the use of TlO-compliant Data Integrity 
Field. Fibre Channel over InfiniBand fea- 
tures enable the use of cost-effective bridges 
for connecting to Fibre Channel SANs. 


• High-performance networking and storage 

Guaranteed bandwidth and low-latency 


End-to-end storage integrity 

I/O consolidation 

Virtualization acceleration 

Scales to tens of thousands of nodes 

Mellanox ConnectX IB Dual-Port 
20Gbps InfiniBand Adapter Devices 

Can achieve significant cost-performance advantages 
over multifabric networks for computing and storage 

(408) 970-3400 



Page 8 

May 18, 2007 





PROVEN PERFORMANCE. PROVEN RELIABILITY. RAPIDNET. When it comes to pre- terminated network cabling 
solutions, HellermannTyton is the leader. Pioneering the first Category 6 pre-term inated network cabling system, 
HellermannTyton has, for years, delivered successful RapidNet installations across the globe-including leading US 
data centers in government, financial, healthcare, educational and enterprise applications. RapidNet is available 
in copper and fiber modular configurations and offers the time tested performance and reliability required 
for system critical applications. Assuring on-time project completion in the most demanding circumstances, 
RapidNet has been verified to reduce installation time by 85% over traditional methods. 
RapidNet has been proven in the field, now let us prove to you how RapidNet can enhance your business. Go 
online for more information and register for your free "Proven in the Field" t-shirt, 

phone: [800] 822 4352 


May 18, 2007 

Mobile Device Chaos 

Develop Policies & Deploy 
Enforcement Technology For Security 

by Ericka Chickowski 

• • • 

If your enterprise is like most small to 
midsized enterprises, you've probably got 
more users than ever doing business out of 
the office. This legion of mobile workers is 
taking advantage of a growing range of 
devices to unchain themselves from their 
desks. While this is certainly a big boon for 
the business, it poses some difficulties for 
the typical IT organization. As extremely 
portable business tools, the very 
reason these devices are handy 
also makes them an organiza- 
tional risk. Not only must IT 
track all of these devices and 
control their access to the net- 
work, but perhaps more impor- 
tantly, it must also keep tabs on 
and protect the data contained 
within them. 

Setting Mobile Device Policies 

Anecdotal evidence suggests 
that SMEs are especially prone 
to risks associated with mobility 
because they tend to encourage 
workers to unplug, but also may 
not have as much IT enforcement 
planned to compensate for this. 

"It seems that in that space 
there is less control than in larger 
organizations, which means that 
the problem is much more pro- 
nounced," says David Raanan, general man- 
ager of ControlGuard ( 
/ControlGuard). "There are more gadgets fly- 
ing around in the midsized businesses than in 
the large enterprise. In the enterprise there is 
a more rigid culture that trickles down to the 

He says that the problem is exacerbated 
by the fact that many organizations think it 
will take too much work to enforce device 
policies, and so they don't even bother set- 
ting any policies in the first place. "When 
we talk to potential customers, our first 
question is to ask what their device policies 
are. The typical answer for a larger enter- 
prise is to whip out a folder with given poli- 
cies, but in the smaller environment, there 
are usually no policies, none whatsoever," 
he says. "So the next question is, given your 
business objectives, what would you like 
them to be? If you can wave your magic 

wand and be able to implement policies with 
zero admin burdens, what would it be?" 

While that magic wand doesn't necessar- 
ily exist, there are many tools such as 
ControlGuard' s Endpoint Access Manager 
that can help automate policy enforcement 
and make it worth an SME's while to set 
them in the first place. Other options on the 
market include GuardianEdge's Data 
Protection Platform (www.guardianedge 
.com), Senforce Endpoint Security Suite 

(, and Se- 
cureWave Sanctuary ( 

Ram Krishnan of GuardianEdge agrees 
that policy development should be the first 
step toward gaining control over mobile 
devices. He believes these policies should 
include the full spectrum of devices, in- 
cluding laptops, smartphones, USB storage 
devices, and BlackBerry devices. "So you 
want ideally a strategy that is broad across 
these various aspects of mobile computing 
and then you also want it to be deep in that 
if the loss of a device were to occur that 
you as an organization could demonstrate 
that the information on those devices was 
not compromised," he says. 

Policy Best Practices 

Each organization's policy will look dif- 
ferent depending on their business needs 

and how much risk they are willing to 
assume. Typically, though, there are some 
policy best practices. 

One of the first is to ensure that each 
device has client-side antivirus and mal- 
ware protections installed and updated. 
From there, you might want to control 
when and how devices access the network 
data. For example, if you know most peo- 
ple leave the office before 8 p.m. and that 
the cleaning crew comes in at 9 p.m., you 
might want to set a policy that access via 
USB and other ports is off-limits after 8:30 
p.m. to prevent the janitors from stealing 
data off sensitive computers. 

Similarly, some organizations 
will segment their users and say 
that only certain groups of people 
(sales, executives, or HR, for in- 
stance) can use certain types of 
devices on the network. And even 
more fine-grained policies might 
limit devices to specific models. 

This can be particularly bene- 
ficial for organizations wishing 
to prevent data leakage through 
thumb drives. 

There are certain manufacturers, 
such as MXI Security (www.Proces, that create security- 
conscious thumb drives designed to 
protect data while enabling porta- 
bility. These special devices are 
encrypted and require fingerprint 
authentication to access data con- 
tained within the devices. By limit- 
ing your organization to specific 
device and laptop models, it be- 
comes easier to contain the chaos. "We work 
with partners to help corporations restrict 
USB device-use to only our device," says 
Gabor Barta of MXI Security. 

Complementary Technologies 

Enforcement of device policies doesn't 
completely eliminate all the risks of running 
a mobile enterprise. One of the biggest per- 
ils of portable IT equipment is loss of the 
device and, consequently, exposure of the 
data contained within. State disclosure laws 
such as California's SB 1386 have shown 
how prevalent such losses really are; hardly 
a week goes by without a new report of a 
stolen laptop containing thousands of easily 
accessible personally identifiable records. 

In order to protect against these risks, it 
will be necessary to also implement tools 
complementary to the solutions mentioned 
above. First on the list is encryption. 

Page 9 

"The disclosure laws state quite explicit- 
ly that encryption is the only safe harbor," 
Krishnan says. "It is the only scenario 
where you're not required to disclose the 
loss of that device if the information on that 
device was encrypted." 

GuardianEdge Hard Disk Encryption 
allows administrators to encrypt the laptop's 
hard drive to ensure safe harbor and, more 
importantly, to prevent the exposure of sen- 
sitive data should a laptop be lost or stolen. 

Krishnan says, "The approach we're 
taking is we fully encrypt the hard drive, 
so if that laptop was to be stolen, the 
information on that device would be pro- 
tected. Even if one was to unscrew that 
laptop, take that drive, and mount it as a 
secondary drive elsewhere, that drive is 

Other similar solutions include CRE- 
DANT Technologies' (www. Processor 
.com/CREDANTTech) Intelligent Encryp- 
tion and hard drive encryption from Pointsec, 
which was recently purchased by Check 
Point Software ( 

Because the ultimate goal is to protect data 
in motion, another complementary set of 
solutions could be content filtering. Ad- 
ditionally, strong authentication layered on 
top of everything else will ensure that simple 
username and password combos don't com- 
promise your security investments. 

Because all of these technologies are 
expensive and can be daunting to imple- 
ment across an entire organization, Krish- 
nan suggests that instead of blanketing the 
enterprise, SMEs should try using a risk 
mitigation approach. He says, "Focus on 
the higher-risk devices first." 

Guidelines For A Quality 
Enforcement Policy 

Automated policy enforcement makes it pos- 
sible for even the smallest organization to 
control their devices through fine-grained 
device policies. But what should a good poli- 
cy include? David Raanan of ControlGuard 
(www. uard) and 
Ram Krishnan of GuardianEdge (www suggest some of the 
following guidelines: 

• Require antivirus and other client-side 
security policies. 

• Standardize device types and maybe even 
specific models. 

• Require encryption on high-risk devices. 

• Control when and how devices access net- 
work data depending on your risk profile. 

• Segment your users and only allow as 
much access as each type of user really 
requires to do their jobs. 

• Finally, remember that setting onerous 
policies and roadblocks that impede busi- 
ness will be a surefire way to make your 
device security program fail. 



has to work. 

We can help 

Network Services 

& Data Centers 

Dataside offers business solutions for 
secure Data Center space and Network 
Services that can help companies keep staff 
at all locations reliably connected to critical 
information and applications. 

To learn more about Dataside, 
call us toll-free at 
or visit us at 


© Dataside, LLC -Ail rights reserved! 

Page 10 

Top Problems Mobile 
Employees Encounter 

Connecting To The Network Isn't Always Easy 
For Some Workers On The Go 

by Elizabeth Millard 

• • • 

Supporting mobile employees can be a 

challenge for data center and IT managers; 
not only is there laptop and device break- 
age or loss but also security concerns, 
interoperability challenges, and training 

One major area that many companies 
often have to address is connectivity, as 
employees attempt to connect to the net- 
work using a variety of devices and from a 
range of locations. Several major issues 
come up when employees attempt to con- 
nect and find themselves thwarted, includ- 
ing sluggish connections, firewall quan- 
daries, and support needs. 

Network Delays 

When a telecommuter or traveling em- 
ployee grouses about delays, sometimes it's 
a problem on his end — a hotel Wi-Fi con- 
nection, for example, could be unreliable. 
But sometimes it's an indication of issues 
inside the company network or with an in- 
house application created specifically for 
the company. 

To keep a network robust, experts note 
that it's advisable to run regular checks, 

Backup Strategy 

Sometimes network issues take time to 
resolve and can leave mobile employees 
stranded. Instead of having them take the 
day off, it could be helpful to make sure 
they're storing their data on an approved 
product, allowing them to do work even if 
they're not connected. Storage options 
abound in the marketplace, but it's usually 
best to go with a single vendor to minimize 
interoperability issues. 

One option is Apricorn ( 
/Apricorn), which has a range of backup prod- 
ucts, from MicroKey flash drives to rugged 
storage that still fits in a pocket to a USB 
floppy drive that works with both notebooks 
and desktops. There are many other vendors, 
as well, such as Iomega (www. Processor 
.com/lomegaCorp), Verbatim (www.verbatim 
.com), Lexar (, and SanDisk 
(www. . 

doing network emulation that can simulate 
delays and impairments in order to find the 
source of dropped packets or bit errors or to 
gauge bandwidth throughput. 

There are some vendors that specialize in 
network emulation, such as Anue Systems 
(, which 
has an application for network delay and 
impairment testing that can check remote 
data storage, backup and recovery plan- 
ning, and even satellite communication. 
Other vendors with network emulation prod- 
ucts include Shunra ( 
/ShunraSoftware), PacketStorm (www. Pro, Apposite 
Technologies ( 
posite-Tech), and Simena ( 

Application developers often use em- 
ulators to predict perfor- 
mance and examine failure 
thresholds, but some enter- 
prises also use this type of 
testing to make sure appli- 
cations are running prop- 
erly. Also, emulation can 
find problems on a newly 
converged network, par- 
ticularly one that uses 
switches from multiple 

Excessive jitter on one 
network device, such as a 
switch, can affect other 
parts of the network and 
cause delays. Or an outage 
may cause problems, even 
when the network is back 
up and running because a 
backup system could get 
off schedule and prevent 
mobile users from tapping 
into the network while it 

Firewall Lockout 

As the workforce gets more mobile, fire- 
walls have had to get more nuanced and 
powerful. In the olden days (of about a 
decade ago), most employees used desktop 
machines, so installing a firewall to keep 
bad people out wasn't too difficult. But 
with devices trying to access the network 
from potentially unsecured Wi-Fi locations 
and unknown devices asking for permis- 
sion to hop on to the company files, it's 

become a possible minefield for the fire- 
wall to handle. 

The result is that mobile employees can 
sometimes be denied access, even if they 
enter the correct password for entry. 
Although this keeps the company net- 
work safe, it isn't exactly a boon for pro- 

A personal software firewall can help, 
but many IT managers are reluctant to give 
individual employees that much power to 
determine security levels, especially if 
they're the ones who didn't realize their 
wireless connection wasn't locked down. A 
better choice is usually a portable firewall, 
such as those from Senforce (www. Pro or Intego (www, which can set different fire- 
wall policies for a number of network 

Firewalls that can be put directly on a 
laptop or other machine and can adapt to 

different network environments have the 
ability to keep a company network pro- 
tected and minimize the chance of an 
employee lockout. Realistically, mobile 
workers will sometimes find themselves in 
risky environments, and they won't want 
to enter complicated security key informa- 
tion every time they hop from one hotspot 
to another. Putting in a firewall that oper- 
ates without their assistance can reduce 

May 18, 2007 

Potential Roadblocks 

According to Anue Systems (www. Processor 
.com/AnueSystems), there are a number of 
impairments that can appear on a network at 
different layers: 


Bit errors 

Packet drop 

Packet jitter 

Fiber cut 

Packet reorder 

Frame duplication 

Bandwidth clamping 

Congestion control 

support calls and keep devices and the net- 
work safer. 

Support Calls 

It might still be office hours in England, 
but in a company's California headquarters, 
it's long past quitting time. So who's there 
to take the call if a traveling employee 
can't navigate a UK hotspot? 

One option is to have an IT support per- 
son on call at all times, but many small to 
midsized enterprises might find that cost- 
prohibitive, particularly at enterprises 
already tapped out in terms of resources 
and staffing. Another option could be to 
outsource the support during 
certain hours. Companies 
such as Connetic (www. con or Array Systems 
can assist with network sup- 
port, as well as advise SMEs 
on other issues such as secu- 
rity, maintenance, network 
management, or software 

Much like other types of 
services and products, the 
search for a solid secondary 
support system begins by 
talking to others in the in- 
dustry, says Russell Morgan, 
founder and current presi- 
dent of the ITSPA (Infor- 
mation Technology Solution 
Providers Alliance). "Ask 
other companies how they're 
handling the issue," he says. 
"If you hear a good refer- 
ence, investigate further. 
Along the same lines, if you 
find a really good service or 
vendor, don't keep them a secret. The suc- 
cess of a good company depends largely on 
good reputation." 

When finding a support organization, 
look for companies that specifically 
address network issues and mobile users, 
Morgan says. If employees tend to have 
problems in the middle of the night, make 
sure the support is there and get that 
promise in writing. 

When it comes to IT equipment 
disposal we are serious. Let us 
worry about Data Destruction, 
EPA regulations, Transportation, 
Down time and Insurance. Why 
tie up your resources or take 
chances with your data 
or environmental issues? 
Call DMD today. 

Thanks to DMD, we 
don't have to sit on 
our old computer 
equipment anymore. 

We Purchase: 

Networking Equipment 
Complete Data Centers 

We Offer: 

Asset Tracking/Reporting 

De i n stal lati o n/Pac ki n g/Tran sport 

DOD Level Data/Mechanical Destruction 

EPA Recycling/Reuse 
Ongoing Support Plans 
Technology Refresh/ In stal I Programs 

Find out why some of the top U.S. companies and Government 
Agencies call DMD Systems Recovery. 


DMD Systems Recovery, Inc. 

A Slightly Different Company™ 

Phone: (602) 307-0180 Fax: (602) 307-0181 


Providing QUALITY GOODS and SERVICES "for Industry, Member o\ AFCOM Better Business Bureau, Chamber of Corcumerce. HP Authorized- 


Protect Your Mission-Critical Hardware 
From Heat & Humidity! 

• Alerts You If Your Heat Or 
Humidity Exceeds Your Settings 

• Maximum Air Flow Design 

• Locking Full Perforated Doors 

• 2 Sets of Heavy-Duty Stainless 
Steel Multivendor Adjustable 
Rack Rails 

• Eye-Pleasing Extruded Aluminum 

• Available in 22U, 36U, or 42U and 
31 .5" or 39.4" Deep 

Information Support Concepts, nc 

714 N. Watson Road, Suite 302 
Phone: (800) 458-6255 

Arlington, TX 7601 1 

Quality Products Since 1987 





See all that's 
available today at 

May 18, 2007 

Must-Have Mobile Devices 

Continued from Page 1 
phone, email, organizer, wireless Internet, 
SMS, and even GPS. 

The 4.7-ounce 8800 offers a full 
QWERTY keyboard; 64MB of memory 
(along with a microSD slot); speakerphone; 
voice-activated dialing; a high-resolution, 
light-sensitive screen; and dedicated send, 
end, and mute keys. To help satisfy users 
seeking something "cool," the 8800 also 
includes a media player that supports music 
and video in most popular formats. 

For administrators, RIM added the ability 
to disable the 8800' s expandable memory 
capability and its ability to function as a 
USB mass storage device. Administrators 

Smart Selection 

Determining which mobile devices are the 
right choice for your employees requires 
careful research and testing. MXI Security's 
( Larry Hamid 
offers these tips to point your efforts in the 
right direction. 

• Look for management features. Can the 
devices be controlled? Can data be 

• Make sure the device is versatile and can 
satisfy the many needs of the organization, 
both now and in the future. 

• Look for user authentication options on the 

• Look for protection of data via encryption 
using standard algorithms. 

• Look for security validations, such as 
FIPS (Federal Information Processing 

can also control data encryption on the 
memory card — including encrypting the 
content to the user's password, the device 
key, or both. 

MXI Stealth MXP & Apricorn Aegis Mini 

Security is the name of the game when 
handling mobile workers, but losing that 
game is far too common for some enterpris- 
es. However, with the right devices, keep- 
ing data safe and secure isn't impossible. 

MXI Security's Stealth MXP portable 
USB storage device is quite unlike your 
average USB thumb drive. Not only does 
this drive offer up to 4GB of storage, but it 
locks down any data stored on it with 
impressive vigilance — both biometric and 
password authentication are included. 
Administrators can choose to secure the 
devices using one of the included authenti- 
cation methods or, for the ultimate in 
portable security, both. Multiple capacities 
are available, including 4GB ($330), 2GB 
($240), 1GB ($199), and 512MB ($189). 

For enterprises requiring more capacity 
but similarly secure portable storage, 
Apricorn ( 
offers both in its Aegis Mini, a 1.8-inch 
hard drive that weighs a scant 3.5 ounces 
and is as big as a deck of cards. Despite its 
small size, the Aegis Mini comes in capaci- 
ties of 30GB ($129), 60GB ($169), and 
80GB ($229) and includes an extensive 
data protection software suite. The bundle's 
encryption software gives administrators 
the option of using up to 256-bit AES or 
448-bit Blowfish encryption. 

Gateway Convertible Notebook 

Notebook manufacturers constantly 
strive to create the ultimate blend of form 

and function, and Gateway (www.Proces has reached that goal 
with its Convertible Notebook (starting at 
$999). Just like other notebooks, the 
Convertible features a full-sized keyboard 
and a 14-inch widescreen display, but 
unlike other models, this notebook's 
screen swivels to drop the device into 
tablet form. 

By swiveling the screen 180 degrees and 
laying it flat on the keyboard, users can 
have an instant tablet PC that allows them 
to write directly on the screen. This dual- 
use device can prove highly valuable for 
professionals who need a standard key- 
board for data input and communication 
but also require the advantage of a touch- 
screen to add comments to shared docu- 
ments and presentations or to sketch charts 
and diagrams. 

For some devices, more moving parts 
can mean more chance of breakage, but 
Gateway designed the Convertible using a 
magnesium superstructure and display that 
resists damage. The notebook also comes 
with plenty of power: A small-business 
version includes an Intel Core 2 Duo T5500 
processor, 1GB of RAM, and an 8-cell 
Lithium-Ion battery. 

Toshiba Portable Hard Drives 

Mobile workers — including telecom- 
muters — need the ability to move data to 
and from the home office, but moving large 
amounts of data can be a challenge. Back- 
ing up loads of data can prove similarly 
frustrating if the capacity isn't available to 
handle the information. This is where 
portable hard drives come in, and Toshiba' s 
( new line of USB 2.0 
portable hard drives can easily serve as that 
storage go-between. 

Billed as the first 200GB portable storage 
devices based on the 2.5-inch hard drive 

Page 11 

platform, Toshiba's new drives weigh only 
1.1 pounds and measure just 5.6 inches in 
length. Bundled software let administrators 
select the frequency of backups and config- 
ure automatic backups whenever the com- 
puter is turned on. 

The 200GB version retails for $229.99, 
but other capacities are also available, 
including 160GB ($179.99), 120GB 
($149.99), and 100GB ($129.99). Included 
are a USB 2.0 cable and a USB-to-DC aux- 
iliary power cable for USB 1.1 compati- 

Test First, Buy Later 

Regardless of how appropriate a mobile 
device appears to be for your organization, 
there's no sure-fire method for determining 
whether it's indeed a perfect fit without 
first fully testing the equipment. Many 
manufacturers are more than happy to help 
with your testing; for example, Apricorn 
offers qualified IT directors and managers a 
30-day evaluation of its products. 


Apricorn Aegis Mini 1.8-Inch USB 
Ultra Portable Hard Drive 

High-capacity storage that fits in your pocket; 

weighs just 3.5 ounces with 

up to 80GB of storage 

Kingston Technology 
DataTraveler Secure 

Enterprise-grade USB 2.0 flash drive that 
keeps data safe with 256-bit AES 

hardware-based encryption 

MXI Security Stealth MXP Family 

Portable USB drive that provides three-factor 

authentication using biometrics, a password, 

and a digital key 


Integrated Physical Infrastructure Products 

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"For smaller environments, an integrated 
solution may be cheaper than adding addi- 
tional CRAC (computer room air condition- 
er) capacity, with all of the additional power 
required," says Kerry Main, a solutions 
architect at HP (Canada) (www. Processor 
.com/HP2). "My preference would be a mod- 
ular data center approach, whereby each 
modular floor component had its own cool- 
ing. Each modular site would have its own 
cooling and power, and you would not need 
to cool large unused spaces." 

"The obvious advantages are a single 
source for all components and support, an 
integrated configuration, and the assump- 
tion that everything has been tested and 
works well together," notes Bruce Clare - 
mont, a senior consultant at Migration 
Specialties International (www. migration "The caveats are that no 
corners have been cut in component quality 
and that support costs remain reasonable 
over time. Cost issues aside, using integrat- 
ed components is quicker and easier. Long 
term, the quality of the components matter 
because poor quality will cost more to 

Integrated Enclosures 

Server racks and enclosures are the 
most important part of the physical envi- 
ronment in a data center, and these 
devices have become more and more 
advanced in recent years. One reason they 
are so critical for power usage, cooling, 
and IT management is due to the trends in 
consolidation and virtualization. Data 
center expert Brian Stockton from NYSE 
Euronext ( in New York 
says server cabinets are one of the most 
overlooked aspects to reducing costs in 
the data center, and integrated products 
can help with the consolidation effort and 
help free up staff for other tasks. 

One primary vendor in integrated enclo- 
sures is Rittal (, 
whose Smart Package enclosures include 
fully ventilated front and rear doors, cable 
entries through the roof or base, and inte- 
grated cooling that can dissipate 2,000 watts 
of heat. Its RimatriX5 integrated IT man- 
agement modules (available through www work with the smart enclo- 
sures to help admins manage power and 

The DSI CoLocation compartmentalized server racks 
include many features for various sizes, cabling 
routes, and integrated PDU. 

cooling levels. Another vendor in the 
integrated category is DSI Technology 
Solutions (www. dsitechnology solutions 
.com), which makes CoLocation Server 
Racks with adjustable rails for various serv- 
er sizes, cable runways, and mounting space 
on rails and the side of the rack for integrat- 
ed power distribution units with roof and 
side access. 

Integrated PDU 

Another category that is becoming more 
integrated is the power distribution unit, or 
PDU. For example, Server Technology 
( makes its 
integrated Sentry Switched CDU (cabinet 

power distribution unit) line compat- 
ible with the Enterprise View man- 
agement console. The console helps 
admins view, manage, and control 
input current, pass-through console 
port monitoring, and environmental 
monitoring. Input current monitoring 
allows admins to finely control the 
proper load balancing for each cabi- 
net. They can view power, tempera- 
ture, and humidity levels through a 
Web browser or receive SNMP 
(Simple Network Management Pro- 
tocol-based alarms and manage 
other PDU variables, such as fail- 
safe power redundancy and metered 
power levels, all through an IP- 
based software component — which 
means on-location monitoring and 
remote monitoring from any net- 
worked PC. 

"What our customers are interest- 
ed in is one product that can commu- 
nicate, monitor, and control any 
number of different devices from a 
number of different manufacturers," 
says Calvin Nicholson, a Server 
Technology spokesperson. "That 
includes SNMP-enabled devices or 
larger infrastructure devices that are 
MODBUS-enabled. For our power 
distribution units, we have to mount 
inside these devices and work very 
closely with all of the rack manufac- 
turers to make sure that the customer 
is happy with their solution. In- 
tegration will become more impor- 
tant for all manufacturers if more 
elaborate rack designs, such as 
water-cooled racks, take over, as it 
will be harder to mount and install 
all of the different types of equip- 
ment due to space limitations and 
the physical configuration of the 

Integration: Does It help? 

One of the chief criticisms for an 
integrated product with multiple fea- 
tures on the enclosure or PDU is that 
if one of the components fails, the 
whole system will fail. In some 
ways, this is one of the trade-offs to 
integration because it is valid that 
most integrated products are de- 
signed to work efficiently as one 
device and not as separately con- 
trolled components. HP's Main 
downplayed the importance of sin- 
gle-component failure because the 
integrated products typically do not 
have a single point of failure and 
because the vendors can typically 
provide redundancy to mitigate the 
risk of failure. 

A monitoring console, such as 
Server Technology's Enterprise 
View, also mitigates the risk by 
alerting admins to any failures, such 
as high temperatures on the server, 
cooling risks inside the cabinet, or 
other problems that may arise on an 
integrated product. 

Overall, the trend to consolidate 
the data center extends to the physi- 
cal infrastructure with cabinets and 
PDUs that monitor cooling and heat 
dissipation and that allow admins 
to finely control power levels. 
Integration is a wise approach for 
any company looking to reduce 
power overhead, staffing require- 
ments for multiple servers that 
might not be running at full load, 
and fine control over environmental 
levels inside the data center. 

The Server Technology Sentry 
Switched CDU (cabinet power distribu- 
tion unit) works with the Enterprise 
View console for monitoring cooling 
and performance in the data center. 

Page 12 

May 18, 2007 

April 13, 2007 

Complete Intel Server Systems 

Save Time & Reduce Operation Costs 
With A Dual-Core Intel Xeon Processor In Your Servers Direct System 

Servers Direct is now offering two 
Intel-based products designed for the small 
to midsized enterprise: the SDR-6015T- 
TB 1U Data Center Clustering Server and 
the Intel Server System SR1530AH. 

1U Data Center Clustering Server 

The SDR-6015T-TB uses Servers Direct 
1U Twin, an innovative 1U rackmount 
system designed to increase computing 
density while reducing cost, energy, and 
space requirements. With two systems (or 
two nodes) within a 1U space, the 1U 
Twin can support up to 16 processor cores 
(two systems both housing dual quad-core 
Xeon 5300 Clovertown CPUs). 

With the SDR-6015T-TB, you get: 
• Two nodes in one 1U system, saving 

chassis, power supply, and rack costs 

Double the density and computing 
power, saving IT space rental costs 
Higher power utilization, which increas- 
es power supply efficiency and saves 
energy costs 

The SDR-6015T-TB clustering server supports 
up to 16 processor cores. 

Reduced number of power cables and 
power strips for easy cabling, better air- 
flow, and reduced cabling costs 
The ability to operate and maintain two 
systems in one physical space, saving 
maintenance and management costs 

Features Compared 


• Dual-processor quad and dual-core Intel 64- 
bit Xeon support 

• Up to 32GB DDR2 667 & 533 SDRAM fully 
buffered DIMM (FB-DIMM) 

• 2x Intel (ESB2/Gilgal) 82563EB dual-port 
Gigabit Ethernet controller 

• 2x hotswap SATA drive bays 

• 900/980W high-efficiency power supply 


• Multicore Intel Xeon processor based on Intel 
Core microarchitecture 

• Intel 3000 server chipset 

• Dual memory-channel, four DIMM slots for 
DDR2 533/667MHz unbuffered ECC/non- 
ECC (8GB max) automatically corrects sin- 
gle-bit errors 

• Dual Gigabit Ethernet connections provide 
ample network bandwidth with options for 
separate subnets and redundant links 

• A system that' s perfect for HPC com- 
puting cluster, data center or data farm, 
search engine nodes, and high-availabil- 
ity applications 

Server System SR1530AH 

Small and midsized enterprises often 
find themselves cramped for space. 
That's where products such as Servers 
Direct's Intel Server System SR1530AH 

The SR1530AH is ideal when space is at a premium. 

come in. The Intel Server System is an 
extremely short (20-inch) 1U rack-opti- 
mized system. 

It's designed with great performance 
and reliability in mind. Features such as 
Intel Virtualization Technology and Intel 
Extended Memory 64 Technology support 
the latest software available, while dual- 
channel DDR-2 with ECC support and 
Intel Matrix Storage Technology ensure 
servers automatically detect and correct 

problems in memory, safeguarding your 
important data. 

The SR1530AH comes with a multicore 
Intel Xeon processor based on Intel Core 
microarchitecture for enhanced perfor- 
mance and energy and power efficiency; 
an Intel 3000 server chipset for enterprise- 
class performance and reliability; dual- 
memory channel and four DIMM slots for 
improved system uptime; and dual Gigabit 
Ethernet connections for ample bandwidth. 

Full Product Lineup 

In addition to offering these two Intel- 
based products, Servers Direct offers a 
complete lineup of Intel-based servers, 
server peripherals, and components. All 
Servers Direct systems are manufactured 
under an ISO 9001:2000-certified process. 

Servers Direct SDR-6015T-TB 1U 
Data Center Clustering Server 

Starts at $2,150 

Fully customizable up to two-node system in a 1 U 
form factor 

(877) 727-7887 UTwin 

Servers Direct Intel Server System 


An extremely short, 1U rack-optimized system for 
cramped spaces 

(877) 727-7887 

servers ►direct 










Ideal solution for a stable business-critical 
application server that minimizes deployment 
and support costs 

* 2U Chenbro Rackmount Chassis with 600W power 

* Supermicro X7DVL-E Server Board with Intel® 5000V 
(Blackford VS) Chipset 

* Intel Dual-Core Xeon 5030 Processor 2.6GHz 667MHz 

* Total 1024MB, 2pcs x 512MB Kingston DDR2 533MHz 

* Seagate SATA II 80GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache SATA 
3.0Gb/s Hard Drive 

* 6x1" Hot-swap SATA Drive Bays 

* Intel® (ESB2/Gilgal) 82563EB Dual-port Gigabit 
Ethernet Controller 

* Intel ESB2 SATA 3.0 Gbps Controller RAID 0, 1 ,5, 1 

Designed to deliver exceptional availability, simplified 
manageability, outstanding performance and revolution- 
ary scalability to help you build a cost-effective, flexible 
IT infrastructure 

* 3U Chenbro Rackmount Chassis with 600W power supply 

* Intel S5000PSLSATA Xeon 5000P Server Board 

* Intel Dual-Core Xeon 5030 Processor 2.6GHz 657MHz 

* Total 1024MB, 2pcs x 512MB Kingston DDR2 533MHz 

* Seagate SATA II 80GB 7200 RPM 8MB Cache SATA 3.0 
GB/s Hard Drive 

* 12x1" Hot-swap SATA Drive Bays 

* Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet Controller 

* Intel SATA 3.0 Gbps 6-PORT Controller RAID 0,1,10 

Ideal choice for small businesses looking for 
their first server or to upgrade an existing server 

* Supermicro 4U Rackmountable / Tower Chassis 
with 800W High Efficiency Redundant Power Supply 

* Supermicro Super X7DBE+ Server Board 

* Intel Dual-Core Xeon 5030 Processor 2.6GHz 667MHz 

* Total 1024MB, 2pcs x 51 2MB Kingston DDR2 533MHz 

* Seagate SATA II 400GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 
3.0Gb/s Hard Drive 

* 8x1" Hot-swap Drive Bays 

* Intel® (ESB2/Gilgal) 82563EB Dual-port Gigabit 
Ethernet Controller 

* Intel ESB2 SATA 3.0Gbps Controller RAID 0, 1 , 5, 10 

True SATA II 3Gb/s storage server configured 
with dual Xeon CPUs and room for a tape backup 

* AIC 5U Rackmountable with 950W Triple Redundant Power 

* Supermicro Super X7DBE Server Board with 
Intel® 5000P (Blackford) Chipset 

* Intel Dual-Core Xeon 5050 Processor 3.0GHz 667MHz 

* Total 1024MB, 2pcs x 512MB Kingston DDR2 533MHz 

* Seagate SATA II 400GB 7200 RPM 16MB Cache SATA 
3.0Gb/s Hard Drive 

* 24 x 1 !l Hot-swap Drive Bays 

* Intel® (ESB2/Gilgal) 82563EB Dual-port Gigabit Ethernet 

* Intel ESB2 SATA 3.0Gbps Controller RAID 0, 1 , 5, 10 










Our flexible on-line products configurator allows you to source a custom solution, or call and our product experts are standing by to 
help you assemble systems that require a little extra. Servers Direct - your direct source for scalable, cost effective server solutions. 




Intel, Intel logo, Intel Inside, Intel Inside logo, Intel Centrino, Intel Centrino logo, Celeron, Intel Xeon, Intel SpeedStep, Itanium, Pentium, and Pentium I 
Intel Corporation or it's subsidiaries in the United States and other countries. 

Xeon are trademarks of 



Do more. 

May 18, 2007 

Page 13 

Power Management 

April 27, 2007 

Affordable Power Management 
With IPV42/70 Series 

Power Control & Environmental Monitoring Devices From Pulizzi 

Every data center 

is confronted with dis- 
tributing, controlling, 
managing, and moni- 
toring electrical power to 
all the devices in its racks 
For some IT personnel, remote 
access becomes essential to han- 
dle multiple locations. There have 
always been products that could han- 
dle one or more of these tasks, but now 
data center managers can have it all. 

The IPV42/70 series (so named because 
they come in either 42- or 70-inch heights) 
Intelligent Power Controllers from Pulizzi 
Engineering cover all these points. Every 
aspect of each outlet can be viewed locally, 
via a digital meter, or remotely, via Web 
browser, Telnet, or SNMP software. Out of 
the box, the IPV42/70 series can monitor 
voltage and current but, with an optional 
environmental sensor kit, can be expanded 
to include data on temperature and humidi- 
ty. There are additional inputs allowing for 
integration of switches to detect rack 
enclosure events, and the software inter- 
face is feature-rich. 

The software can be configured either to 
work with SNMP management software by 
sending traps or to send email alerts when 
triggered by an event. Each unit, outlet, 
and sensor can be named in software for a 
user-friendly interface, and there is a provi- 
sion for multiple user logins for remote 
access. Pulizzi Engineering highlights the 

versatility of this line by enabling 
users to specify certain characteris- 
tics at order to suit an array of appli- 
cations. Customizable attributes 
include voltage, current, number 
of outlets, and connector types. 
Pulizzi Engineering is an 
ISO 9001:2000-certified com- 
pany that designs and manu- 
factures its products in the 
U.S. It has a reputation 
for high quality that has 
won the company busi- 
ness from many Fortune 
500 companies, as well 
as some government 
agencies. This quality is evident in its 
products, which meet objectives and certi- 
fications such as RoHS, UL safety specifi- 
cations, and CE directives. 

Pulizzi Engineering IPV42/70 Series 
Intelligent Power Controllers 

Start at $799 

Distribution, control, management, and monitoring 
in a single device 

(605) 334-8999 

B^ pulizzf 



April 13, 2007 

Cooling For Cramped Spaces 

MovinCool CM12 Ceiling-Mounted Unit Designed To Save Space & Money 

Spot cooling is an energy-efficient alter- 
native to central air conditioning. But often 
the main roadblock to efficient cooling of 
cramped server telecom and equipment 
rooms is the lack of floor space to accom- 
modate a roll-in portable spot cooler. The 
MovinCool CM 12 offers a convenient 
solution: It's a light- 
weight, space-saving, 
easy-to-install ceiling- 
mounted unit. 

The CM12 delivers 
10,500Btu/H of cooling 
in a self-contained unit 
that mounts easily with 
off-the-shelf hardware. It 
connects to a standard 
115V, 15-amp circuit. 

The CM12 features the 
shortest top-to-bottom 
profile in the industry — 
only 15.5 inches — ensuring it will fit into 
nearly any drop ceiling. In addition, the 
CM 12 comes with several cost-saving 
capabilities and safety features: 

• Conveniently controlled by most off- 
the-shelf Millivolt thermostats 

• Works with fire alarm controls for safe- 
ty shut-off 

• Self-contained system requiring no 
refrigerant piping 

• Built-in supply and return air flanges 
enable easy duct installation and 
improved air circulation 

• Warning signals and alarms for conden- 
sation overflow and unscheduled shut- 
down can be wired to a central location 

• A standard internal pump 

• Mounting brackets designed for off-the- 
shelf mounting hardware 

In addition to the CM 12, MovinCool 
offers the Office Pro lineup of portable spot 
cooling solutions for low-temperature 
equipment cooling; the Classic and Classic 

Plus Portable Series for harsh environ- 
ments; and the PC7 Portable Air Condi- 
tioner for individual hot spots. 

MovinCool CM1 2 

Offers an energy-efficient, space-saving alternative 
to central air conditioning 


(800) 264-9573 







www, pul izzi . com/vpc 

Phase Power 



Same Day Shipping 
On In Stock Power u 

Distribution Units *™%A 

(Orders placed by 12 PM Central) P0WERI 

• Three phase input - up to 72 
amps single phase power! 

• Current meter allows phase 
balancing/full loading 

• Vertical strip requires no 
rack space • "0"U mounting! 

• High power maximum density 

•120 volt and 208 volt 




WWW. pulizzi.COm W Order Online Today! 

MadoMTi.ou.5A ISO 9001:2000 



March 30, 2007 

Protecting Critical 
Data Center Loads 

Staco TreStar P Series UPSes Eliminate Overloads, 
Flicker & More In Real Time 

The Staco TreStar P Series of UPSes 

is designed to meet the power protection 
needs of today's most sensitive critical 
loads. The P Series' new digital control 
system eliminates all 
overloads, frequency 
variations, transients, 
flicker, and blackouts in 
real time. And it pro- 
cesses signals 10 times 
faster than previous ana- 
log methods. 

UPS reliability begins 
with design. With a true 
online, double-conver- 
sion design, the TreStar 
P Series isolates your 
connected loads from 
utility power and pro- 
vides clean, regulated 
output voltage and frequency. 

The TreStar P Series was designed with 
the end user in mind. It offers the highest 
quality, along with the reliability you 
expect. It is easy to install and has a user- 
friendly front control panel with an easy- 
to-read LCD menu. Its advanced battery 
management system reduces the frequen- 
cy of maintenance and replacement 
schedules, saving you time and money. 

Staco' s TreStar P Series comes in two 
versions: 125-150kVA and 180-225kVA. 
The 125-150kVA is parallelable for capac- 
ity or redundancy, with up to eight mod- 
ules, and features a 0.9 output power fac- 

Staco TreStar P Series 
1 25-1 50kVA model 

tor, vector-controlled IGBT inverter, input 
circuit breaker, internal maintenance 
bypass, advanced battery management, 
and an optional 7% harmonic filter. 

In addition to all the features 
found on the 125-150 model, the 
180-225kVA model also features 
state-of-the-art communications, 
matching battery cabinets with 
internal disconnect, top and bottom 
cable entry, and a standard 7% har- 
monic filter. 
Other optional features include: 

• SNMP Adapter 

• External Maintenance Bypass 

• Parallel kit 

• Network Solutions software 

• Extended battery runtimes 

• Extended warranties 

• Preventative maintenance 

Staco TreStar P Series 

True online, double-conversion UPS with a digital 
control system designed to process signals faster 
than analog methods 

(866)261-1191 25 80 


A Components Corporation o( America Company 

Page 14 

May 18, 2007 


March 30. 2007 

Meeting Data Center 
Physical Needs 

Rittal RimatriX5 Package Combines Racks, Cooling, Monitoring & More 

Rittal's RimatriX5 is the integral, scal- 
able, and efficient system solution for 
ultimate IT performance. The RimatriX5 
incorporates a number of unique products: 

Server and network racks. With 
RimatriX5 server racks you take delivery 
of a system platform with perfectly 
matched climate control, power, and secu- 
rity solutions. RimatriX5 places emphasis 
on maximum packing density and efficient 
space utilization. Flexible configuration of 
the IT racks improves TCO and helps 
lower the day-to-day rack operating costs. 

Data center power. Interruptions to crit- 
ical business processes, whether due to 
hardware faults, production breakdowns, 
communications failures, or insufficient or 
nonexistent protection against voltage fluc- 
tuations, can have far-reaching conse- 
quences. With RimatriX5, the demands 
with regard to redundancy, scalability, and 
maximum availability are bundled into a 
single system. The solutions help reduce 
costs and boost the availability of the over- 
all system. It is even possible to retrofit new 
modules without interrupting operation. 

Data center cooling. The RimatriX5 
offers passive cooling utilizing the ambi- 
ent air; active, rack-specific cooling, and 
high-performance cooling for tempera- 
ture-neutral data center expansion. In each 
case, the systems are tailored to your 
needs and application requirements, tak- 
ing into consideration all ambient condi- 
tions. Software-assisted planning tools 

minimize investment outlay and provide 
for maximum peace of mind. 

Data center security. With the CMC- 
TC Rittal offers a modular monitoring sys- 
tem with optimum protection for IT racks 
and rooms. Because the system is modular, 
it can be adjusted to the individual require- 
ments of the existing infrastructure. 
Extension and retrofitting are also possible. 

Data center monitoring. When it 
comes to security and remote mainte- 
nance, RimatriX5 offers full service from 
a single partner. From a single software 
interface, you can analyze and control the 
temperatures of racks or components, 
check the operating status of the UPS 
backup, monitor video surveillance for the 
rooms and equipment, and evaluate the 
power management and battery needs. 

Rittal RimatriX5 

A comprehensive data center solution encompass- 
ing racks, power, cooling, security, and monitoring 

(800) 477-4000 



May 4, 2007 

Move Toward IT Automation 

KBOX™ Appliances For The Fortune 100,000 

KBOX™ appliances make IT automation 
accessible for companies of all sizes by 
breaking through the cost and complexity 
barriers of patch management, software 
and hardware inventory, remote systems 

KBOX™ 2000' Series Systems 
Deployment Appliances 

KB0X IH 1000 Series Systems 
Management Appliances 


«, 1 H,.'.,IJ 1 .HMl.fc «JJ«UUMM«lBfc 



ULJ s 





f^W-WmTOC ,Jl iiH7. ll lliH j iii' l r Ll .i IJ i» 

Easiest to use. Simply put, KBOX™ 
appliances just work, and the KBOX™ 
Jump Start Program makes it easy to get 
trained and fully deployed within days. 
Comprehensive. KBOX™ appliances 
preintegrate and deliver the 
functionality needed to 
solve IT automation chal- 

Affordable. KBOX™ ap- 
pliances are priced with 
your network in mind. 
You'll find our pricing low 
relative to competitors, and 
there are no hidden costs. 



management, and software distribution 
and deployment. KBOX™ appliances 
deliver a powerful set of capabilities that 
help businesses automate their IT man- 
agement tasks, improve security, meet 
compliance requirements, and decrease 
user downtime. And they have a simple- 
to-use interface designed to instantly 
enable and satisfy network administrators 
of all backgrounds. 

The KBOX™ line comes in two appli- 
ances: KBOX™ 1000 Series Systems Man- 
agement Appliances offer comprehensive 
management of all network devices, includ- 
ing servers, desktops, laptops, routers, 
switches, and printers, and the KBOX™ 
2000 Series Systems Deployment 
Appliances offer comprehensive, central- 
ized provisioning of OSes, applications, 
and files. 

KBOX™ benefits: 

Provides real-time visibility and control 

of the nodes on your network 

Provides auditing, enforcement, and 

reporting for compliance 

Decreases user downtime 

Frees up IT staff time allowing staff to 

focus on strategic initiatives 

KBOX™ 1000 & 2000 

Help businesses automate their IT management 
tasks, improve security, meet compliance require- 
ments, and decrease user downtime 

(888) 522-3638 



April 13, 2007 

Get Cash For Your Data Tapes 

Recycling Your Media Has Never Been So Safe, Sound & Simple 

Most enterprise data centers are largest and most respected full-service data 

apprehensive about recycling data tapes tape recycling companies worldwide, 

due to security issues. Recycle Your Media is the most 

has earned a reputation for being one of the viable solution for your end-of-life data 

Think Green: Cash For Data Tapes 

Data tapes we recycle: SDLT, 9940, 3590, LT0, AME AIT, and many others. 

tapes. Recycling your media is environ- 
mentally sound and economically sensible 
given that it can recoup IT costs. 

When recycling your data tapes, you 
need to be assured that the data will be 
destroyed and rendered unreadable. We 
practice the most secure methods, comply- 
ing with governmental privacy and storage 
laws. We are highly experienced in data 
eradication and will offer data destruction 
certificates and volume serial reports to 
ensure your sensitive data is irretrievable. 

Matthew Bernard, IT network manager 
at John Wiley & Sons, says, "Although 
hesitant to release my used data tapes, I 
found Recycle Your Media's data tape 
recycling service to be secure, profession- 
al, and more than I expected." 

Recycle Your Media works with For- 
tune 500 companies, banks, government 

agencies, law firms, and hospitals, making 
us a reliable source for all your data tape 
recycling needs. 

Why pay for tape shredding? Recycle 
Your Media can pay you to recycle your 
data tapes. Recycling data tapes is simple: 
Give us a call and we take care of the rest. 

Recycle Your Media 

We buy all types of tapes and recycle them using 
secure and environmentally sound methods 

(877) 798-2737 

IJRecv cieYourMedia 



[Window Here design With f 

Fhe Times fjj|§| kM 

^!.^J^So Old School 

(Breach Laws 

m Recovery Provider * 

[jfe TFCgX^H 


Subscribe Online! 

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May 18, 2007 

Page 15 

May 4, 2007 

March 16.2007 

Complete Backup & Sharing 

Sans Digital DS-207 Synology Series Features 
Flexible Storage Management & Backup Options 

Sans Digital's new Disk 
Station-207 Synology Ser- 
ies is ready to become a 
Windows 2003 Server 
companion. With features 
such as RAID 1 protection, 
Web server support, and 
simple data backup, it can 
fit into any sophisticated 
computing environment yet 
remains cost-competitive. 

Flexible storage man- 
agement. The DS-207 is 
the first two-bay model of the Synology 
Disk Station series. Using the DS-207, you 
can create a large-capacity RAID or reli- 
able RAID 1 volume. Budget-sensitive 
users use one hard drive to create a non- 
RAID volume and upgrade it to RAID 1 
later when the second hard drive is added. 

When the hard drive on DS-207 is full, 
you can expand more storage simply by 
attaching an external hard drive to the DS- 
207' s USB port of DS207. 

Complete backup. Data backup is so 
important, but it tends to get ignored. The 
DS-207 makes data backup so complete 
and automatic that backups can be done 
without your attention. With the DS-207, 
you can find the backup alternatives that fit 
your needs: 

• Network Backup is designed for data 
backups from the DS-207 to another 
Synology product that also supports 
Network Backup function. 

• Local Backup lets you back up data 
from DS207 to an external hard drive 

attached to DS207 via 
the USB port. 
• Desktop Backup simpli- 
fies desktop backup with 
Synology Data Replicator 
II. PC users will enjoy the 
easy-to-use backup tool 
to automatically back up 
J important data. 

m Build a dynamic Web 

site. Web Station runs 
Apache Web server, which 
lets you create and publish a Web site with 
only few steps. With preinstalled PHP+ 
MySQL, you are free to install popular 
blog or bulletin board programs on DS- 
207 — no advanced IT knowledge is 
required to build up your community. 

Network sharing. The DS-207 makes 
data and device sharing easy and control- 
lable. With the DS-207, you can also share 
printers, Web, multimedia files, and more. 

IP SAN In A Box 

The StoneFly Storage Concentrator Is Ideal 
For Entry-Level & Mission-Critical Environments 

Sans Digital DS-207 
Synology Series 

Designed to meet almost any backup or network 
attached storage need 





The StoneFly Integrated-HA Storage 
Concentrator HSC (Hybrid Storage 
Concentrator)- 1420 product offers a sim- 
ple, rapid-to-deploy IP SAN in a box. HSC 
products offer the ease of the Integrated 
Storage Concentrator product family with 
the modularity, redundancy, and high 
availability of the Modular Storage 
Concentrator line. With innovative Cluster- 
Mirror technology for full redundancy and 
availability, HSCs are ideal for entry-level 
and mission-critical deployments. 

Based on the extensible StoneFusion 
OS, the HSC-1420 offers best-in-class 
flexibility and performance and supports 
storage capacities ranging from 3.5 to 
10.5TB in each system. With the Stone- 
Fusion Network Storage Platform, Stone- 
Fly IP SANs support advanced storage 
services and management, including stor- 
age virtualization, active/active clustering, 
synchronous mirroring via StoneFly 
Reflection, StoneFly Snapshot, and cen- 
tralized storage management. 

StoneFly Storage Concentrators consol- 
idate physical storage resources and pro- 
vision those resources into logical vol- 
umes. With the StoneFly virtualization 
engine, the separation of physical storage 
from logical volumes allows SAN admin- 

istrators to take a layered approach to 
storage management and availability. 

StoneFly IP SANs offer maximum flexi- 
bility as storage needs increase. HSC sys- 
tems also can be clustered with an addition- 
al HSC or MSC-i4000 Storage Concentra- 
tor. With seamless failover technology and 
load-balancing, Storage Concentrator 
Clusters make it easy to design a SAN with 
no single point of failure. By utilizing 
StoneFly Cluster-Mirror technology, a sec- 
ond HSC-1420 can be added to offer 
engine redundancy and data mirroring. 

Each HSC-1420 offers an integrated stor- 
age concentrator engine, dedicated RAID 
intelligence, hot-swappable system compo- 
nents, redundant power and cooling, and 
support for SATA and HSS disk drives. 
Typical applications include D2D backup, 
disaster recovery, storage centralization, 
and other primary storage applications. 

StoneFly Integrated-HA Storage 
Concentrator HSC-1420 

Offers best-in-class flexibility and performance to 
deliver a cutting-edge IP SAN solution that can 
grow with your needs 

(888) 786-6335 





An original equipment 
manufacturer since its inception in 
1992, Hergo remains a trusted 
source for technical furniture, 
computer enclosures/ cabinets, 
relay racks, LCD mounting solutions 
and command & control centers. 

We are technology people who 
understand your computing 
workspace needs. 

As part of our 100% customer satisfaction 
guarantee, Hergo offers free space design and 
consultation, including 3-D CAD drawings and 
simulated environment renderings to ensure 
maximized user space and productivity. 

Hergo is an approved supplier to all 
branches of the U.S. Government. 
GSA Contract #GS-29F-0133G 










56-01 55th Avenue, Maspeth, NY 11378 I Tel: 888.222.7270 I Fax: 888.410.0671 Terms ' ^'' to >°™ & oppearance are subject to change without prior notice - ©2006 hergo® 

Page 16 

May 18, 2007 

Product \M Releases 


Network & Systems Management 

■ The new ManageLinx suite of hardware 
and software products from Lantronix aims 
to offer scalable, secure access and manage- 
ment of remote devices outside the enterprise 
firewall. The company also announced its 
new Device Network Architecture, a ma- 
chine-to-machine framework that includes all 
of Lantronix 's device networking products. 

■ Microsoft and Packeteer have announced 
a joint effort to release Packeteer iShaper, 
which the companies say is the industry's 
first comprehensive Windows-based branch 
office IT solution. The effort combines 
Packeteer's WAN optimization and prioriti- 
zation technologies with Microsoft's 
Windows Server, ISA (Internet Security and 
Acceleration) Server, and SMS (System 
Management Server). Customers will now 
be able to accelerate the delivery and use of 
applications over a WAN and use the full 
range of Windows apps for file, print, Active 
Directory, networking, and more, the com- 
panies say. 


■ Mirapoint announced an autonomous 
email security appliance, the RazorGate, 
which includes Embedded Policy Engine. 
RazorGate eliminates excess network traffic 
and removes holes in the corporate firewall. 
RazorGate prevents networks from being 
bogged down by abusive floods of mes- 
sages, enforces email policies, and validates 
recipients at the edge of the network, elimi- 
nating the need to generate excess traffic 
through queries of the corporate directory. 
No passwords or other sensitive data are 

stored outside of the firewall. RazorGate 
can automatically load addresses and poli- 
cies from multiple LDAP servers, including 
Active Directory, Domino, and eDirectory. 


■ Foundry Networks announced the 
Fastlron LS Series of compact 10/100/ 
1,000Mbps Ethernet edge switches. The new 
Fastlron LS switches feature triple- speed 
10/100/1, 000Mbps network connectivity, 
optional 10 Gigabit Ethernet uplinks, enter- 
prise-class security, wire-speed performance, 
and Foundry's powerful suite of advanced 
Layer 2 services in a compact, lU-high 
switch. Available in 24- and 48-port configu- 
rations, the Fastlron LS also delivers ad- 
vanced security features, including rate limit- 
ing of multicast and broadcast traffic, protec- 
tion against TCP and ICMP DoS attacks, 
inbound and outbound rate limiting, and 
standards-based NAC (network access con- 
trol) with multi-endpoint authentication. The 
Fastlron LS switches support MAC-based 
VLANs enabling MAC-based network 
access control. 


■ Alcatel-Lucent has introduced a set of 
Office Communications Solutions and a 
Business Partner Program, designed for 
small to medium-sized enterprises. The 
offering consists of business telephony, 
applications, VoIP, and a secured LAN and 
Wi-Fi infrastructure. The package also 
includes a handful of mobility and collabo- 
ration tools that let administrators and users 
manage communications applications such 
as Web presence; unified messaging; 
shared access to contacts, calendars, and 
documents; and desktop and wireless 
phones. Alcatel-Lucent's new business 

partner Office Certification program lets 
customers choose their level of training and 
certification. The standard level provides 
technical training, resources, marketing 
programs, and incentives, and an advanced 
level provides specialized training, demo 
equipment, and an additional marketing 
and pre-sales support program. 

■ Vertical Communications unveiled the 
Xcelerator IP Business Communications 
System, an integrated SIP-based IP tele- 
phony, data router, firewall, and wireless 
access point product. Designed for small 
businesses, Xcelerator IP supports up to 24 
Vertical IP2007 SIP telephones, eight VoIP 
SIP trunk connections via a single WAN/ 
RJ-45 port, and three FXO PSTN trunk 
connections. For networking capability, the 
Xcelerator IP includes one FXS port, four 
10/100 Ethernet RJ-45 LAN ports, and an 
integrated 802.1 lg wireless access point. 
The unit features a large LCD for call sta- 
tus, features, and menus. Customers can 
use the 2-port 10/100 Ethernet switch to 
connect both a PC and the phone to the 


■ Meru announced its fourth-generation 
product suite for enterprise 802.1 In WLANs. 
The company says that its new 3TDS (3-Tier 
Traffic Distribution System) lets the enter- 
prise easily and cost-effectively scale up its 
network with the increased bandwidth of 
802.1 In, as opposed to rolling out an expen- 
sive expansion of Ethernet cable. An overlay 
architecture that won't disturb the existing 
network, 3TDS consists of controllers, distri- 
bution points, and access points. Also new 
from Meru are the AP300 line of dual-radio 
802.1 la/b/g/n APs and the telco-grade, 

multigigabit MC5000 controller for up to 
1,000 APs per chassis. 

■ Strix Systems introduced the Access/One 
Network EWS (Edge Wireless System) 150 
to provide a high-powered wireless mesh 
extension. The EWS 150 has a long-range 
connectivity of 54Mbps and throughput of 
24Mbps. Designed for use by carriers, 
municipalities, public safety agencies, and 
enterprises, the EWS 150 enables end-to- 
end wireless, as well as inside/outside roam- 
ing. The EWS 150 incorporates a single 
radio with two antennas (802.11b/g) to con- 
nect to Strix' s Outdoor Wireless System or 
Indoor Wireless System networks, as well 
as an Ethernet port for connection to the 
user's router or computer. 



■ Bull says its new NovaScale R422 server 
offers top density, power efficiency, and 
cost-effectiveness. The HPC-designed unit 
packs two standard servers into a 1U space. 
It can feature up to two dual- or quad-core 
Intel Xeon 5100 or 5300 series processors 
for up to 170Gflops per rack unit. Its OS 
choices are Bull Advanced Server Linux 
(based on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 or 5) 
or Microsoft's Windows Compute Cluster 
Server 2003. 


■ Lexar Media announced its new Express- 
Card SSD (solid-state drive) with auto-back- 
up software. Roughly half the size of current 
PC Card solutions, the high-capacity, remov- 
able Lexar ExpressCard SSD comes bundled 
with auto-backup software. This software 
allows for automatic regular (daily, weekly, 




April 6. 2007 

Hirn Old Equipment 
Into Cash 

Horizon Datacom Solutions Helps Businesses 
Make The Most Of Their Network Hardware Investments 

Horizon Datacom Solutions, located 
in Columbus, Ohio, has one specific 
goal: helping businesses make the most 
of their network hardware investment. 
Many businesses are faced with growing 
(sometimes painfully high) capital bud- 
gets, and yet they have literally stacks of 
switches, routers, wireless gear, and 
other network hardware that they have 
outgrown, no longer need, or don't have 
room for. Some businesses find that they 
have racks filled with decommissioned 
hardware, or that due to expansion or 
changing needs, they don't have the right 

In the past, the hardware would simply 
sit in a spare room or corner until it was 
eventually hauled away and disposed of in 
a mass "asset recovery" that took CRT 
monitors, desktop computers, printers, and 
other e-waste and hauled it away. But this 
no longer has to be the case. 

Horizon Datacom Solutions special- 
izes in refurbishing network hardware 
and can help you recover value out of 
what you have. Plus, selling your equip- 
ment to us helps keep it out of a landfill, 
helping contribute to your corporate 
"green" initiatives. 

Get Value From Used Equipment 

Horizon Datacom helps businesses and 
organizations get value back from their 

used equipment. Stated simply: We turn 
old network equipment into cash. 

We are committed to refurbishing and 
putting that same equipment we purchase 
back into useful life, which provides addi- 
tional value to our customers who both 
save money purchasing from us and get 

Equipment Purchased 

We buy large or small quantities of network 
LAN/WAN, wireless, and VoIP equipment. 
Or you can use it as credit to update your 
current infrastructure. 

We buy: 

• Alteon 

• Foundry Networks 

• Cisco 

• HP 

• Enterasys 

• Polycom 

• Extreme Networks 

• SonicWall 

• F5 

If you have surplus equipment, please note 
quantities, description, condition, and any 
other notes where possible. 

If you frequently upgrade your equipment or 
have large quantities to dispose of, let us 
design an asset management plan for you. 
We can help you increase both cash flow and 
return on assets by faxing or emailing your 
list of surplus equipment. 

reliable hardware, backed by our guarantee 
and hard-won reputation for quality and 
customer service. 

At Horizon Datacom Solutions, refur- 
bishing involves much more than blow- 
ing the dust off of circuit boards. Horizon 
Datacom maintains a full testing lab 
where every piece of equipment is rigor- 
ously tested and repaired if necessary. 
We repaint the chassis, replace missing 
or broken parts, and carefully repackage 
the finished product. In fact, many of our 
customers claim the hardware they pur- 
chase from us is virtually indistinguish- 
able from new hardware. 

Horizon also offers refurbishing services 
for companies that want to redeploy their 
own gear. You simply send it in, have it 
tested and refurbished, then it's sent back 
to you, ready to deploy at new locations or 
for new uses. 

Real-Time Inventory 

Some businesses are leery about buying 
from the "refurb" market — some with 
good reasons. eBay can be a crapshoot: 
You may be dealing with a guy operating 
out of his garage, or worse, finding your- 
self buying counterfeit gear. 

Horizon Datacom has been in business 
for more than 10 years. And, in 2003, 
we were recognized as one of the Inc 500 
fastest growing businesses in America. 

Businesses worldwide purchase refur- 
bished networking equipment from 
Horizon Datacom. 

Horizon maintains a complete, real-time 
inventory listing on its Web site at www While some compa- 
nies may say, "I can get that for you," 
when you use Horizon Datacom' s online 
store, you can be assured that what you see 
online is on the shelf and ready to be 
shipped to you. In fact, most orders are 
packed and shipped the same day. And 
right now we're offering free FedEx 
ground shipping on most orders of $100 or 
more within the continental United States. 

Repeat Customers 

Vicky Nosbisch, owner and president of 
Horizon Datacom Solutions, says, "I'm 
proud of the fact that most of our cus- 
tomers are repeat customers. Few things 
give me greater pleasure than buying net- 
work gear from a customer, seeing it arrive 
at our loading dock, then coming back to 
life in our test labs, ready to find a new 
home with a new customer." 

And Vicky has a challenge: "Send me a 
list of your unused network gear. We'll 
show you how much it's worth, make you 
an offer, and help you find the network 
hardware you need." 

Horizon Datacom Solutions 

Specializes in purchasing, refurbishing, and 
reselling used networking equipment 


IUJI HorizoriDatacom 

Your Network, Our Mission" 

May 18, 2007 

Page 17 

Product [^ Releases 

or monthly) backup without user intervention 
after the initial setup. Additionally, the soft- 
ware can support multiple computers by rec- 
ognizing the computer name and the appro- 
priate backup setting for each computer. 
Lexar enhanced the ExpressCard SSD for 
use with ReadyBoost for Vista. Additionally, 
the ExpressCard SSD interface supports a 
direct connection to the chipset, allowing 
users to enjoy all of its backup and 
ReadyBoost capabilities without having to 
unplug the card after every use. 

■ Luminex Software and ETI-NET part- 
nered to produce the ETI-NET EZX/ 
BackBox and Luminex Channel Gateway 
combo. Luminex is targeting this virtual 
tape-based data sharing product, available 
now, at data centers that want to share data 
between HP NonStop (Tandem) servers and 
IBM mainframes. The process, which does 
not require physical tapes or human interven- 
tion, involves the EZX/BackBox transferring 
data from the HP NonStop server across 
SCSI or FC virtual tape devices while the 
Luminex Channel Gateway transfers data 
from the IBM mainframe as ESCON or 
FICON attached tape drives. 


■ AMD announced its Ultimate Mobile 
Platform, designed to offer similar perfor- 
mance benefits to Intel's Centrino mobile 
platform. AMD's offering consists of its new 
65 nm AMD Turion 64 X2 dual-core mobile 
processors, chipsets from AMD and Nvidia, 
and wireless networking hardware and soft- 
ware from Broadcom. AMD created the plat- 
form with Windows Vista as its target oper- 
ating environment and expects to deliver a 
premium Vista experience at a mobile form 
factor. Each component of the new platform 

is optimized to work with the other compo- 
nents to conserve battery life without impact- 
ing WLAN, graphics, or processor perfor- 
mance when the user needs it most. 

■ Asus released its TA-89 Series chassis, 
designed for corporate users and system 
builders. The TA-89 offers a multitude of 
cooling configuration options; both the 
front and rear panels can accommodate two 
80mm fans each, and the chassis also offers 
an air duct above the CPU and multiple air 
vents to bring plenty of cool air into the 
case. Other useful features include a tool- 
less hard drive cage, thumbscrew-mounted 
side panels, folded metal edges to keep 
injuries to a minimum, and a spring-mount- 
ed optical drive door. The TA-89 supports 
four 5. 25 -inch and six 3. 5 -inch drive bays, 
seven PCI expansion slots, two USB ports, 
and two audio ports. 

■ Magma released a new PCI Express 
expansion device, the ExpressBoxl. Mag- 
ma's ExpressBoxl lets you attach PCI-E 
cards, such as PCI-E graphics cards or audio 
cards, to your notebook. The existing 
ExpressBoxl handles single-width video 
cards that have a draw of 55 or fewer watts. 
Magma plans to release ExpressBoxl s that 
support double-wide video cards later this 
year. The ExpressBoxl includes an Express- 
Card/34 cable, provides power and cooling to 
the PCI-E card, includes rackmount brackets 
and a vertical stand, and is RoHS -compliant. 
It also has a quick-access lid. There are two 
ExpressBoxl models: The Magma Express- 
Boxl EB1H supports PCI-E cards up to 6.6 
inches long, and the ExpressBoxl Pro EB1F 
supports full-length PCI-E cards up to 12.28 
inches long. 

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Disappointed with a lack of performance in your 
current iSCSl or Fibre Channel-based storage? iStor 1 
Networks, Inc. is in a class of its own, providing the 
System 2 Solution high-performance iSCSI IP Storage. 

iStor Delivers iSCSI 

iStor found inspiration when it created the highest performance, up to 1 1 60 MB/s, 
and most robust iSCSI products. The resulting solutions provide companies with 
the ability to overcome technology and total cost of ownership limitations in DAS, 
SAN, and NAS environments, 

The System 

Fully-integrated GigaStorATX IGbEand TOGbE controllers 
conform to the ATX form factor specifications, providing a 
cost-effective performance-based iSCSI Storage System. 

The Solution 

For VAR's and System Integrators that require a vendor-pro- 
vided enclosure, iStor offers the iS326 Solution. The IS326 
includes the GigaStorATX System supporting eight ports of 
GbE or a single 10GbE for iSCSI connection, with capacity 
for up to 15 customer-supplied high-capacity sATA drives. 

When it comes to high-performance, feature-rich, and cost- 
effective iSCSI RAID storage, iStor Networks 
solutions should be on your evaluation short 
list. iStor offers you the balance of price and 
performance that makes iSCSI IP Storage an 
obvious "YES" decision 
for organizations of all 
sizes or sophistication. 



Currently Enrolling 

/Stor-/7zAbled 1M 

Partner Program 

Contact iStor at 

© 2Q07 iStor Networks, Inc. iStor Networks, Inc. is a registered trademark, and the iStor Networks logo and Clif/iSl: :iv\ X :r..-i in imi Unfair Wlv..::r-*\ -i . I-Wd nmiW. ul t Jiihiliin si J " "-.! i : : - . - r.i'..,,-| :;,.:>. A. rijihh- r !■■,.' v< ■: I ■.v::rl.:k\ idr. 

/Stor Networks, Inc " 

Looking For Products? 

Check Out The All-in-One Search At 

The All-In-One Search area on our Web 

site,, makes it easy to 
find detailed information on products with 
just one click. Simply find the product cate- 
gory you need (categories are sorted under 
five areas: Physical Infrastructure, Com- 
munications, End Nodes, Software, and 
Services) and click the link. 

Each resulting page displays all the infor- 
mation regarding that product category. 
Information is sorted by Product Showcase 
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Page 18 

May 18, 2007 

Power Distribution 

May 4, 2007 

Three-Phase Power 
For Blades 

New Geist ZP Series 
Offers Superior Monitoring & GUI Interface 

Geist Manufacturing's ZP PDU 

Series has expanded into three-phase 
while continuing the company's promise 
of creating products that can be modified 
to meet individual customers' needs and 
are manufactured entirely in the United 

Five New Offerings 

Geist' s ZP line includes five new base 
units, delivering up to 17.3 kW at 208V, 
all ideal for blade server applications. 
The 35-amp, 45-amp and 60-amp three- 
phase PDUs are offered in a variety of 
vertical and horizontal configurations. 
Each unit features UL Listed branch cir- 
cuit protection via magnetic breakers with 
integral switch guards. These reset-able 
breakers eliminate the need to power 
down your equipment and PDU to change 
fuses. Mixtures of receptacle composi- 
tions are available which include C-19 
and C- 13 outlets. 

Optional remote power monitoring is 
available on most models, featuring local 
and remote current monitoring via digital 
display and an Ethernet (RJ-45) connec- 
tion. Geist' s new EM (Ethernet Meter) 
options let you: 

• Monitor current by breaker, circuit, 
or phase 

• Load balance with ease at the cabinet 

• Access without downloading software 

• Receive alerts via SNMP traps/alarms 

• Utilize superior GUI interface 

• Download data to XML 

Three-Phase Makes Sense 

When it comes to bringing power to 
your cabinets, three-phase power makes 
the most sense. With a three-phase sys- 
tem, there's less wire under the floor, 
which improves airflow and reduces 
wiring confusions. While an equivalent 
single-phase system would have three 
whips, a three-phase system has one whip 
for the electrician to bring to the cabinet. 
Fewer whips to pull saves you time and 
money. Three-phase systems with current 
monitoring offer simplified load balanc- 
ing, which reduces technician installation 
and troubleshooting time. With all three 

UL & c-UL Listed 60950 

60 Amp x 3 Phase Delta = 17.3 kW at 208V 


40 Amp x 3 Phase Delta = 1 1 .5 kW at 208 
ZPB368-055IT6CS1 5-40 

35 Amp x 3 Phase Delta = 10.1 kW at 208V 



2U Horizontal 
70" Vertical 
66" Vertical 

66" Vertical 

66" Vertical 

Geist's new ZP line includes 

five new base units, delivering 

up to 17.3kW at 208V. The 35-, 45-, 

and 60-amp three-phase PDUs 

come in a variety of vertical and 

horizontal configurations. 

phases available in a single 
cabinet, load balancing can be 
achieved at the cabinet level where simi- 
lar type equipment is often found. In a 
single-phase system, a minimum of three 
cabinets may need to be looked at to bal- 
ance the same load. 

Built To Order 

As always, all of Geist's base power 
distribution units can be easily built to 
order so the product is sure to meet your 
specific requirements. Production pro- 
cesses have been designed to rapidly fill 
orders and ship to your site on time. Geist 
does not require order minimums or 
penalize distribution partners for drop- 
shipped or rush orders. 

Geist employees are dedicated to prin- 
ciples of continuous innovation, integrity, 
and responsiveness to customer demands. 
Customer service professionals are friend- 
ly, efficient, and ready to personally assist 
you Monday through Friday from 7:30 
a.m. to 5 p.m., CST. Geist's goal is to be 
the best supplier you ever work with. 

Geist 3-Phase ZP Series 
Power Distribution Units 

A new line of 60/45/30-amp three-phase PDUs 
offering load balancing at the cabinet level, an 
Ethernet connection for remote monitoring with a 
superior GUI interface, and SNMP traps and alarms 




12 C-19 


12 C-19 


& 6 C-19 


& 6 C-19 

Magnetic Breakers 

6 Double Pole 
3 Triple Pole 
6 Double Pole 

3 Double Pole 

3 Double Pole 

Pin in Sleeve Connector 

3 Pole/ 4 Wire watertight 
3 Pole/ 4 Wire watertight 
3 Pole/ 4 Wire watertight 

CA Style Twist-lock 



Modify to Meet Your Needs 

• Add Ethernet Meter (EM) 

• Optional Cord Lengths 2 to 1 5 feet 

• Cord Whip Option 

Product \^ Releases 

Continued from Page 17 


Business Productivity 

■ Mindjet introduced MindManager 7 
visualization software. The latest version 
includes a new user interface and provides 
more tools to increase productivity. With 
MindManager 7, users can create visual rep- 
resentations of the group's ideas, organize 
project tasks, determine priorities, and com- 
municate project plans and details with oth- 
ers. MindManager Pro 7 and MindManager 
7 Lite are available for Windows, and 
MindManager 7 Mac is available for 
Mac OS X. The software integrates with 
Microsoft Office MindManager 7. 

Network & Systems 

■ FireScope and A10 Networks have 
announced a technology and sales partner- 
ship to bring new strategic-level knowledge 
to BSM (Business Service Management). 
The companies say the collaboration lets IT 
managers correlate the identity of enterprise 
personnel to specific occurrences on the net- 
work, allowing managers to better analyze 
and troubleshoot problems. The FireScope 
software, which is aimed at IT operations, 
has a technology-agnostic framework and is 
a unified, one-source BSM dashboard that 
reports and analyzes information on network 
systems across the world. The Web-based 
product uses an onsite network appliance to 
gather data from networked assets, such as 
network equipment, point solutions, point of 
sales systems, databases, and VoIP systems, 
that can be processed in real time. With A10 
Networks' IDsentrie appliance, it lets IT 
managers acquire better forensic data and 
offers abilities to improve help desk efficien- 
cy, enhance network authentication and con- 
trol, simplify user password and account 
management, and use IP-to-ID Service. 

■ Motorola announced RF Sentry, an appli- 
cation that offers a GUI to take advantage 
of ideal cable network configurations. It 
also provides the necessary tools to manage 
maintenance operations for the DOCSIS 
network and subscriber environments. RF 
Sentry incorporates Motorola's Advanced 
Spectrum Management technology, which 
is embedded in the BSR family of CMTSes 
(Cable Modem Termination Systems). With 
RF Sentry, companies can make timely 
adjustments for performance, bandwidth, 
and maintenance. The application also 
improves DOCSIS 1X/2.0/3.0 throughput. 

■ Network General announced a series of 
new products, including Virtualization 
Forensics, which incorporates the Network 
Intelligence Suite. Virtualization Forensics 
gathers performance data for VMware and 
Microsoft virtual machines across both vir- 
tual and physical servers. Network General 
also introduced Application Intelligence, a 
part of the Network Intelligence Suite that 
provides application metrics to identify the 
source of performance degradation in appli- 
cations and also supplies simplified packet 
decode analysis. Network General has 
additionally announced that Cisco Net- 
Flow data will now integrate with Network 
General's networkDNA network intelli- 
gence architecture. 


■ CNS Software released WinRadar 
Reporter, new compliance reporting software 
for its WinRadar Product Suite. Win- 
Radar simplifies inventory control, Active 
Directory management, auditing, and com- 
pliance. It provides information to adminis- 
trators about individual client machines, such 
as the client's user permissions, software, 
and software updates. Administrators can use 

this tool's reports when auditing, managing 
patches, or conducting network audits. The 
software has built-in reports for service 
packs, hot fixes, user permissions, event logs 
(by user or event ID), software inventory, 
and account lockout, among others. Admini- 
strators can create custom reports and man- 
age the built-in report scheduler, which can 
deliver reports via email. 

■ Karalon announced Traffic IQ Pro, which 
helps users test and prove the configuration 
of their network filtering defenses. The vali- 
dation and evaluation software lets users 
determine whether certain types of traffic are 
blocked and lets them replay normal and 
attack traffic to prove that the network's 
defenses can handle threats. (Positive and 
Negative testing policies determine whether 
only the correct data is getting through.) 
Users can validate firewall and router 
changes with Traffic IQ Pro. 

■ RSA, EMC's security division, has 
announced new software to be integrated 
into the parent company's networked stor- 
age systems. The latest RSA en Vision plat- 
form is designed to help manage security 
and compliance data. New in RSA en Vision 
are enhanced availability collection server 
configurations. These can run in hot standby 
active or passive modes and can drastically 
reduce the risk of an interruption during the 
collection process due to server failure. 

■ Symark Software announced Power- 
Broker 5.0, software that provides authoriza- 
tion and access control within heterogeneous 
Unix/Linux IT environments. PowerBroker 
5.0 includes entitlement reporting capabili- 
ties and an access control list to monitor and 
control the privileges of specific users. The 
software can grant selective administrator 
privileges to protect the root password and 
control access to applications, commands, 
directories, files, and permissions on various 
administrative tasks. PowerBroker can assign 
which users can perform tasks with the root 
password as well as which tasks can be run 
with the password. The software includes 
package installation bundles for Solaris, 
Linux, HPUX, and AIX systems. 


■ Red Gate Software released a new ver- 
sion of its SQL Backup software that pro- 
vides a visual way to configure and monitor 
backup jobs taking place anywhere in the 
world. SQL Backup 5.0 also includes mul- 
tiple threads in its engine to enhance backup 
performance. Timeline Monitoring in SQL 
Backup 5.0 provides color coding in the 
timeline in order to give users a view of the 
status of backups and restores at a glance. 
Users can zoom in and out of the timeline to 
view past, current, and future activities and 
edit properties. From one timeline, users 
can set up tabs for SQL Servers in different 
time zones throughout the world. 

■ StoneFly has announced a partnership 
with emBoot to deliver software-based boot- 
from-SAN functions that aim to reduce the 
cost of IP SAN ownership through better IT 
resource consolidation. StoneFly says it has 
completed testing and certification of its IP 
SANs for use with emBoot' s winBoot/i for 
Windows settings and netBoot/i for Linux 
environments. Customers can reduce the 
time needed for IT tasks and use the prod- 
ucts to centralize storage, disk images, OSes, 
and virtual servers. emBoot' s software will 
eliminate the need to buy cost-prohibitive 
hardware to perform the same function, as 
well as offer users TCP/IP Offload Engine, 
10Gb adapters, and standard Ethernet cards. 
StoneFly says winBoot/i and netBoot/i soft- 
ware can be used with all of its new IP 
SANs using StoneFly StoneFusion 6.0 
Intelligent Network Platform. 

Please call (800) 432-3219 or visit for part number assistance. 

May 18, 2007 

Page 19 

May 4, 2007 

Firewall Peace Of Mind 

eRacks/TWINGUARD Helps Ensure There's No Single Point Of Failure 

A typical corporate network's firewall 
system can be a single point of failure. If 
down, users on both sides of the firewall 
cannot access email 
or the Internet until 
the firewall is re- 
paired. In many enter- 
prises, repairs would 
likely involve great 
expense and frustra- 
tion. The eRacks 
Open Source Systems eRacks/TWIN- 
GUARD is the low-cost solution to alleviat- 
ing that single point of failure. 

The eRacks/TWINGUARD is a redun- 
dant, dual-firewall system enclosed in a sin- 
gle, compact 15.3-inch-deep case. It comes 
preconfigured with a 
combination of secure 
open-source software, 
including OpenBSD 
and CARP. 

The eRacks/TWIN- 
GUARD has two 
independent, fully 
redundant systems in a single chassis: two 
power supplies, two hard drives, and two 
motherboards. In the event of a firewall fail- 

ure, the secondary firewall automatically 
assumes the role of the primary and all net- 
work traffic flows uninterrupted. 

The eRacks/TWINGUARD can provide 
your enterprise a space-saving, fail-safe 
system built with nonproprietary compo- 
nents, equipped with robust, proven open- 
source software, and founded on the rock- 
solid security of OpenBSD. Most impor- 
tantly, it is crafted by a system integrator 
well-versed in open-source solutions: 
eRacks Open Source Systems. 

The standard eRacks/TWINGUARD 

• Dual Mini ITX 1U, 15.3-inch chassis 

• Dual 180W power supply 

• Dual Via-EPIA CL motherboards 

• 2x 512GB DDR memory 

• Dual VIA C3 1GHz CPUs 

• Also available in a 1.5GHz GbE version 

• 2x 120GB ATA hard drives 

• OpenBSD, Ubuntu Linux, and many 
other open source OSes available prein- 
stalled; others available on request 


Start sat $1,695 

A redundant, dual-firewall system enclosed in a sin- 
gle, compact 15.3 inch deep case 



open source systems 

cooling capacity? 

networlc Security? 
storage virtualization? 

tier level? 
backup & recovery? high density? 

Not sure where technology 
is leading your organization? 

Gain the visibility and clarity 

of your own data center 

(612) 279-0411 

reliable p reso urces 

That's Why We've Developed Articles 
That Won't Waste Your Time 



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Sfrcuma s v. 

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"he Information You Need To Know 

• Product Releases & Overviews 

• Market & Technology News 

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From Experts 

It's all available both 
in print and online at! 

Processor and are available to anyone free of charge. Call (800) 819-9014 to subscribe to the 
weekly print Processor or go to to read articles and view thousands of products online. 

Page 20 

May 18, 2007 



Remote Server Management 

g» Digital KVM IP 

UltraMatrix™ Remote 

Connects 1,000 computers 
to up to 256 user stations 

■ Multi-user, multi -platform KVM IP switch 

■ Supports PC, Sun, Apple, USB, UNIX, and serial devices 

■ High quality video up to 1 280 x 1 024 

■ Secure encrypted operation with login and access control 

■ Scaling, scrolling, and auto-size features 

■ View 4 computer connections using the quad-screen mode 

UltraConsole™ Remote 

Access servers & serial devices 
from anywhere in the world 

■ PC, SUN, UNIX, Linux, USB, and serial devices 

■ Supports serial devices such as routers, switches, and more 

■ Emulates VT100/VT220 terminals 

■ Secure encryption operation 

■ Scaling, scrolling, auto-size and quad screen features 

■ View 4 computer connections using the quad-screen mode 


Manage & monitor servers 
from anywhere in the world 

■ High-quality video up to 1280 x 1024 

■ Secure encrypted operation 

■ Scaling, scrolling, and auto-size features 

■ Quad screen, real-time viewing of 4 computers 

■ Compatible with most KVM switches 

■ Available in single, dual, and quad models 

PC, Sun, Apple, USB, UNIX, Serial Devices 

►» KVM Switches 

UltraMatrix™ x-series 
Expandable, multi-user switch 
for connecting 1,000 computers 

■ Multi-platform units have serial VT220 terminal emulation 

■ Advanced visual interface (AVI) 

■ Security features prevent unauthorized access 

■ Free lifetime upgrade of firmware 

■ Video resolution up to 1600 x 1280 

■ Multi-lingual Menu 

UltraView™ Pro 

Access or Manage 2 to 256 

computers from a single KVM station 

■ Economical 

■ Easy to use, install, and expand 

■ Audio and serial support 

■ Advanced visual interface (AVI) 

■ Security features prevent unauthorized access 

■ Free lifetime upgrade of firmware 

Quadra Vista™ 
Display 4 computers 
on a single monitor 

■ View live, real-time data in each window 

■ Easily switch to and control each computer in 
Quad or Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode 

■ Video resolution up to 1920 x 1200 

■ VGA and DVI video supported 

■ Supports USB and PS/2 computers 

■ On-screen menus for easy set-up 

Fiber, CATx, DVI/VGA, PS/2 or USB 

ffr KVM Extenders 


Extends keyboard, video, mouse, 
audio and serial up to 1000 ft 

■ Supports USB, PS/2, or Sun 

■ Serial and full stereo options 

■ Available in single, dual, or quad video models 

■ Supports video resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 

■ Video tuning and skew adjustments available 

■ Dual version allows another KVM near computer 

Cry srtal View™ Pro 

Extends keyboard, video, mouse, 
audio and serial up to 33,000 ft 

■ Supports DVI video resolutions up to 1 920 x 1200 

■ Supports Fiber or CATx cable 

■ Supports singlemode or multimode fiber cable 

■ Supports PS/2 or USB keyboard and mouse 

■ Supports for local KVM station 

■ Fully automatic KVM sharing 


Extends keyboard, video, 

& mouse up to 1000' over CATx 

■ Automatic compensation and equalization 

■ Automated video skew adjustments 

■ Models available for PS/2, USB or both 

■ Video resolution up to 1600 x 1200 

■ Compatible with KVM switches 

■ Operating system independent 

Organize, Streamline Server Rooms 

J8^ KVM Accessories 


15", 17", 19", 20" LCD flat panels 

Fold forward & backward designs 

■ Built-in single or multiple user KVM switch options 

■ Supports AT/XT, PS/2 and Unix computers 

■ DVI and S-video options available on 19" and larger LCD 

■ LCD flat panel and keyboard can be sold separately 

■ Available with full size, full function Sun keyboard 

■ Optional muiti-media version with TV tuner & stereo speakers 

RackView™ Panel Mount LCD 

Mounts vertically in a standard 
19" rack 

■ Available with a 15",17", 19 ,r r 20", or 23 11 LCD 

■ 19" and 20" models support DVI and VGA inputs 

■ Resolution up to 1280 x 1024 

■ Fits in 7 - 9 rack units (Depending on model) 

■ DVI and S-video options available on 19" or larger LCD 

■ Quick and easy rack mounting installation 

VideoSplitter™ CATS 

Distribute, amplify & extend 
video to 6 or 12 monitors 

■ Video resolutions up to 1600 x 1200 

■ Each remote monitor can be up to 1,000' 

■ Optional Audio and Serial 

■ Easy to install 

■ Rack mountable chassis 


281 933 7673 
+44(0)1264 850574 
+ 65 6324 2322 
+ 617 3388 1540 



Rose Electronics 10707 Stancfiff Road - Houston, Texas 77099 



May 18, 2007 

Page 21 



May 11, 2007 
Portable Air Conditioning 

Ideal For: 

• Server Rooms 

• Electronic Equipment 

• Primary, Supplemental, 
or Emergency Cooling 


• Rentals and Sales 

• Installs in Minutes 

• Locations Nationwide 



MpuHQott, spotcoa wd Dims Pro aw 

nfl|islniMd tratlmiiclffi ill iJI NfiA Cf«|»ra1cn. 

Mas Sales Menials, Inc. 


PO Box 988 

Phone: (800) 972-6600 

Newark, CA 94560 
Fax: (510)713-3311 





where customer service matters 

July 7, 2006 

Air Conditioned Cabinet 

• From 1,800 to 10,000 BTU 

• Rackmount & Sidemount 

• Three sets of L-shaped 
universal vertical rails 

• Base, casters, and leveling 
feet standard 

• Removable side panels 

• Lexan front door (or solid 
steel) w/ lockable handle 

• Steel rear door with lock- 
able swing door handle 

• Avail, in heights of 24u, 30u, 
35u, 40u, 42u, 44u, 48u; 
depths of 24", 30", 36" and 
42"; widths of 19", 23" & 24" 

915 S. Jupiter Road 
Garland, TX 75042 
Phone: (866) 207-6631 
Fax: (972) 276-6484 

Power Distribution 

May 4, 2007 

Galaxy Series 3-Phase Power Distribution 

Single or Dual Input Cords 

2 Pole Circuit Breaker Protection 

Horizontal Format 

208-240V 3-Phase Input at 20A, 30A, or 50A 



1281 Wayne Ave 
Phone: (888)311-6277 

San Jose, CA 951 31 
Fax: (408) 436-9828 

Power Management 



Server Technology, Inc. 

November 10, 2006 

Switched CW-24V2 

Power cycle individual or 
groups of outlets to remotely 
reboot network devices. 

• 208V to 240V Single or 3- 
Phase power at 20 or 30A 

• Access and Security: Web 
interface, SSL, SSH, 
Telnet, SNMP, LDAP, 
TACACS+, and RS-232 

• Environmental Monitoring 

• Fuse Retractor 
•High-Density 24IECC13 

1040 Sandhill Road 
Reno, NV 89521 
Fax: (775) 284 2065 

Power Management 

April 6, 2007 

How Do You Ensure 
Maximum Uptime for Your 
Critical Devices? 

Smart Load Shedding 

Manage individual devices 
based on Temperature, 
Current Load, or UPS Power 

• Integral Web Based GUI 

• Remote Shutdown Agent 

• Event Notification 

• All UPS Types 

• Auto-recovery 

1040 Sandhill Rd 
Reno, NV 89521 
Fax: (775) 284-2065 

Server Technology, Inc. 

Power Management 

September 1, 2006 




Enterprise View 

■ Remote managment of STI Sentry PDUs over IP 

• View your entire system from Global View down to the 
rack level 

■ Centralized event logging with extensive logs and reports 

• Thermographic mapping shows a visual depiction of hot 
spots in your data center 

Server Technology, Inc. 

1040 Sandhill Rd 
Reno, NV 89521 
Fax: (775) 284-2065 

Power Management 


February 3, 2006 

♦ A 




24 Receptacles 

LCD Display 
RS232 Access 

24 Receptacle Remote Power Monitoring & Distribution 

• Current, Voltage, Power, and Temp Monitoring 

• LCD Screen Display 

• RS232 Interface 120/208VAC 10,20,30A Models 

• Power Distribution and Monitoring In One Unit 



5239 Avenue A 
Long Beach, MS 39560 
Phone: (800) 523-2702 
Fax: (228) 563-7335 

Power Management 


February 3, 2006 

W^^~~~\ RS232 Access 

8 Rebootable Receptacles 

8 Receptacle Power Control and Monitoring 

► Current, Voltage, Power, and Temp Monitoring 

► LCD Screen Displays Power Monitoring Information 
>RS232 interface, 120/208VAC 10,20,30A Models 

► Turn On, Off, or Reboot any or All Receptacles 



5239 Avenue A 
Long Beach, MS 39560 
Phone: (800) 523-2702 
Fax: (228) 563-7335 

Power Protection 

February 3, 2006 

RS232 Port 

Transfer Switch 

4 receptacles 
per side 

8 Receptacle Power Control / Monitoring w/Trans Switch 

• Current, Voltage, Power, and Temp Monitoring 

• Automatic Transfer Switch 

• RS232 or Network Interface 120/208VAC 10, 20, 30A Models 

• Turn On, Off, or Reboot any or All Receptacles 



5239 Avenue A 
Long Beach, MS 39560 
Phone: (800) 523-2702 
Fax: (228) 563-7335 

Power Protection 

September 1, 2006 

Sentry 30-A Fail-Safe Transfer Switch provides fail-safe 
redundant power to single-power corded equipment. 

• Fast Transfer Rate - Power interruption will not affect 
equipment uptime or performance 

• Patented arc-suppression and power in-feed sharing 
technology extend product life and performance 

• High Density - 100 to 240V and 16/32A 


Server Technology, Inc. 

1040 Sandhill Rd 
Reno, NV 89521 
Fax: (775) 284-2065 

Power Protection 25 

f*f* O » £J O TSC o— 

A Coropomirrti Corporation otAmarioa Company 

March 30, 2007 

TreStar P Series 125-225 

• Three phase 

• Double conversion 

• Online UPS 

• Parallelable for capacity or 
redundancy, up to 8 

• 0.9 output power factor 

• Vector controlled IGBT 

• Input circuit breaker 

• Internal maintenance 

• Battery management 

301 Gaddis Blvd. 
Dayton, OH 45403 
Fax: (937)253-1723 

Racks & Furniture 




July 28, 2006 

Rackmount Enclosure 

» 19" Enclosure 

» 42 U x 36" Deep 

» 4 Mounting Rails 

► Front and Rear Lockable 

Doors, choice of Solid, 

Tempered Glass or 

» 2 Removable and Lockable 

Side Panels 
» 4 Dual Wheels 

On Sale and ready to go! 

56-01 55th Avenue 
Maspeth, NY 11378 
Phone: (888) 222-7270 

Page 22 

May 18, 2007 

Racks & Furniture 





December 8, 2006 

Relay Rack 
4 Post 19" Relay Rack 

► Vertical Mounting Space: 
12U, 26U, 42U 

► Offered in 3 Depths: 
24", 30", 36" Deep 

► 4 Heavy-Duty Steel 

► 4 Gliders 

► Ships Knock-Down 

► Easy to Assemble 

56-01 55th Avenue 
Maspeth, NY 11378 
Phone: (888) 222-7270 
Fax: (888)410-0671 

Racks & Furniture 

July 7, 2006 

NEBS Server Cabinet 
Certified to Seismic Zone 4 

Based on the standard, patented 
frame design of our RS, RSP and 
FRS server rack series, this 
NEBS-compliant configuration 
has been tested and certified to 
meet Telcordia (Bellcore) GR-63- 
CORE requirements for ZONE 4 
seismic earthquake environ- 

GSA #GS-35F-0208R 



where customer service matters 

915 S. Jupiter Road 
Garland, TX 75042 
Phone: (866) 207-6631 
Fax: (972) 276-6484 

Racks & Furniture 

ES T^^^. 



where customer service matters,, 

September 1, 2006 

Large Cable Bundle 
Network Rack 

► Need a COMM rack with the 
rack rails moved to one side 
to accommodate large 
cable bundles? 

► You have the option to slide 
your vertical rack rails hori- 
zontally as well as vertically. 
Set your rackmount width to 
19 or 23 inches. Talk about 

• Slide the rack rails to one 
side of the cabinet, allowing 
for additional 4 to 9 inches. 

915 S. Jupiter Road 
Garland, TX 75042 
Phone: (866) 207-6631 
Fax: (972) 276-6484 

Racks & Furniture 




where customer service matters 

March 30, 2007 

Quiet Server Rack 

* This sound-dampening 
server rack is designed for 
applications that require a 
quieter environment than the 
average server room 

► Two sets of "L"-shaped 
adjustable universal mounting 
rails on a patented aluminum 
extruded welded frame 

* Side panels with full sound 
foam sheet; foam sealing tape 
between panels and frame 

* Vented front door 

915 S. Jupiter Road 
Garland, TX 75042 
Phone: (866) 207-6631 
Fax: (972) 276-6484 

Racks & Furniture 





February 16, 2006 
Technical Furniture 

• 72"H x 30"W frame and leg 
assembly on flat levelers 

• (2) 30"W x 18.5"D mounting 

• 30"W x 25"D leg mounted 

• Set of 1 9" rackmount 
brackets - 3.5"H x 12"D 

• (2) 30"W horizontal 
aluminum tracks for 
mounting of flat panel 
monitor, keyboard and 
mouse tray 

• Power/cable management 
optional locking and 
non-locking casters 

56-01 55th Avenue 
Maspeth, NY 11378 
Phone: (888) 222-7270 
Fax: (888)410-0671 

Racks & Furniture 

April 6, 2007 

AFC SmartRack 
Data Center 

► A variety of work surface 

► Multiple metal and wooden 

► Rack mount brackets 

► Available with locking 
wheels or glides 

► Accessories include moni- 
tor arms, keyboard trays, 
CPU holders, phone arms, 
and lights 


13-16 133rd Place 
Phone: (800)663-3412 

College Point, NY 11356 
Fax: (718)747-0726 

onsoie Access 

Rackmount LCD Drawer 


New Product! 



i-Tech Superstore for Rackmount LCD Console Drawer 

• 15", 17", 19" & 20" is also available 

• Optional with 8/1 6 ports KVM 

• New integrated with Remote Access via CAT5 and via IP 

• New SUN Solaris Rackmount Keyboard 

Free Grd Shipping for all Rackmount LCD KVM Drawers! 


42828 Albrae St 
Fremont, CA 94538 

onuors & uispiays 

February 9, 2007 

Processor Special $950 


• Two independent 10.4" LCD monitors in 5U of rack space 

• 1 9" W x 8.75" H x 2.35" D (1 .65" behind mounting rails) 

• 1024 x 768 res, 350 cd/m2 brightness, 500:1 contrast 

• Analog RGB (ARGB) and Digital (DVI-D) video inputs 

• 1 78 /1 78 degree Horizontal/Vertical viewing angles 


1620 Berryessa Road 
Phone: (800) 729-7654 

San Jose, CA 951 33 
Fax: (408) 729-3661 




December 8, 2006 
Powerful Storage Server 

• Dual Core Xeon Storage 

» Up To 36 Removable 

► Supports Windows Server 
or Linux 

• Available in SATA, SCSI or 

► High End Raid Controller 
Card for Reliability and 

» Redundant Power Up To 



13317 166th Street 
Phone: (562) 483-01 1 1 

Cerritos, CA 90703 
Fax: (562)483-0110 

orage 1 

December 15, 2006 

SecurStor SATA FC-R / Enterprise DAS 

Designed for mission-critical or ultra-high-performance 

• Dual controllers for Active/Active, no single point of failure 

• Dual 2Gb Fibre Channel host interface 

• SATA-300 drive interface and RAID 6 support 


3220 Commander Dr. 
Carrollton, TX 75006 
Phone: (972) 980-7098 








iber 15, 2006 


>• * i* * 


1— a. 1 

1U 4-Bay Multi I/O RAID/JBOD Storage 

EnhanceRAID™ R4 RAID embedded or HBA dependant 
storage system with 4+ hot swappable HDD drive trays 
RAID Configuration JBOD Configuration 

• U320 SCSI • Multi-lane SATA/SAS 
•GbEiSCSI • Port Multiplier 

• Firewire/USB • eSATA 



12221 Florence Ave Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670 
Phone: (562) 777-3488 Fax: (562) 777-3499 


January 19, 2007 


TC-iStar 500W+500W Redundant Power Supply 

Dual AC INPUT design 

Hot-swappable/hot-pluggable redundancy function 
Load sharing design for smart stress and heat distribution 
Hold up time: 16ms at max load and normal input voltage 
Over power, voltage, and short circuit protection 
Strong power signal and cooling fan 


230 Paseo Sonrisa 
Walnut, CA 91 789 
Phone: (888) 696-3962 
Fax: (909) 598-3465 

May 18, 2007 

Page 23 





Technology Migrations: 
What's The Driving Force? 

Some months ago I asked my fellow 
analysts at Info-Tech Research 
Group whether the introduction of 
Microsoft Windows Vista would open the 
door to Linux on the desktop in the enter- 
prise. The discussions lead me to reflect on 
past changes in enterprise technologies, 
what the driving forces might have been, 
and whether those forces still exist. 

The Vista Of Change 

As for the issue of whether Vista opens 
the door for other technologies, the general 
consensus is no. While it looks like Micro- 
soft may have generated an opportunity for 
alternatives, the majority of enterprises will 
stick with Windows and Microsoft Office. 
Most will delay the migration until absolute- 
ly necessary. 

Other than purely economic issues, some 
reasons to continue using the same tech- 
nologies include a user base familiar with 
the products and a general lack of under- 
standing of alternatives. So what factors 
will drive the next widespread wave of 
change in enterprise technologies? 

Power To The People 

One thing that (slowly) drives technolog- 
ical change in the enterprise is the introduc- 
tion of younger employees with different 
backgrounds, skills, and experience. 

Looking back to the introduction of 
the PC into the enterprise, the initial move- 
ment began in individual departments. 



New employees that owned home PCs 
(Commodore PET, Apple II, Osborne 1 — 
all of which I owned) wanted the same 
functionality at work as they had at home 
or school. The first purchases of PCs were 
generally done quietly, using department 
budgets. Departments then purchased 
LANs (anyone else remember ARCNET?) 
to connect PCs to expensive peripherals, 
such as printers. It was only years later that 
PCs and LANs became cor- 
porate purchases. 

To some extent, the same 
thing happened with Unix. 
College kids entered the 
enterprise with Unix skills 
but not mainframe back- 
grounds. Unix began to per- 
colate from the bottom up in 
data centers. Like PCs and 
LANs, it took a decade to 
become a corporate data cen- 
ter standard — just about the 
same amount of time it took 
for these entry-level employees to became 
management material ! 

Tomorrow, Tomorrow . . . 

So, what is being taught (and used) in 
colleges today? What systems are the 
next generations (or Net Gen) of techies 
most familiar with? These will be the 
technologies common in the enterprise 
10 years from now. The folks entering 
the workforce will bring along their new 

productivity tools and introduce them to 
the rest of us. 

In many enterprises, management will 
ban those "toys" (as PCs were banned in 
the '80s) until the new crop of employees 
and their technologies reach a tipping point. 
The technology will then become a "stan- 
dard" and will grow and expand for about 
10 years until a replacement (remember 
Token Ring?) or, more likely, a major en- 
hancement comes along and becomes inte- 
grated into the environment. 

These changes take time. Although the 
first "business PCs" were introduced in the 
late '70s, it still took until the late '80s 
before they became essential to nearly all 

tomorrow's IT folks), to see what OSes, 
applications, productivity tools, and tech- 
nologies they are most comfortable using. I 
have no doubt that I would be surprised at 
some of the answers. 

Heck, my 7 -year-old twin daughters are 
experts at surfing the Web and using 
Google to find the latest toy or movie. 
They TiVo (as a verb) their shows and use 
and understand the iPod. (But I still won't 
give them my iTunes password for down- 
loads.) They take reading tests online at 
school and are clearly learning technolo- 
gies that they will expect to be available to 
them when they reach the "real" world of 
working adults. 

The generation of employ- 
lOlLUfl^ ^f€Zl^tLL ees now entering the work- 


William Terrill is an associate analyst 
with Info-Tech Research Group. Having 
spent more than 30 years in IT, Terrill 
has extensive experience as a software and 
hardware developer, development manager, 
systems analyst, technical product manager, 
and technical analyst. 

force are experienced with 
instant messaging, social net- 
working, Web 2.0, and Goo- 
gle. These are already a part of 
their daily lives. And if those 
technologies aren't readily 
available at work, they will 
bring them along themselves. 

And that will change every- 
thing . . . again. 


businesses. LANs followed the same path. 
The first usable PC LANs were commer- 
cially available in the early '80s but 
required 10 years before they became 
"commodities" that most every business 
had (or soon would have). 

And The Winner Is . . . 

It would be quite interesting to survey 
college students in engineering and com- 
puter science, in particular (as these are 

Bottom Line 

The release of Windows Vista has 
opened a recurring question for enterprise 
IT staff: When do you migrate to new tech- 
nology? When is the time right for change, 
and what are some of the factors that 
impact the decision to migrate? Often it is 
younger employees who drive change from 
the bottom up. 

Send your comments to 
infotech @processor. com 

APRIL 27, 2007 

Prices starting at 

$1 ,495 

with no per user 

Network Visibility & Reporting 

Stop wondering what is happening within the network and 
start taking control 

Unified bandwidth management combines network traffic 
shaping, network load balancing, and Site2Site VPN opti- 
mization with enterprise-class security 


Unified Bandwidth Management™ 

1 71 65 Von Karman, Suite 1 1 2 
Irvine, CA 92614 
Phone: (888) 997-6237 
Fax: (949) 477-0506 


February 2, 2007 



Enterprise Phone 


Powered by Texas Instruments 

Superior Voice Clarity, 130x64 graphic LCD 

Four line indicators 

Expansion module supports 112 programmable keys 

Designed and tested for full interoperability with leading 

IP-PBXes, softswitches (such as Asterisk), and most SIP- 

based environments 


Technologies Corp. 

1301 John ReedCt 
City of Industry, CA91745 
Fax: (626) 854-0835 

April 6, 2007 

AX Series Application Acceleration Switch 

Makes data center applications available, fast, 
scalable and secure 

Improves user application response times by up to 8x 
Reduces HTTP bandwidth requirements by up to 75% 
Improves SSL processing by up to 80 times 
Provides best price-performance per watt in a 2U 
form factor 

^^1L< Networks 

2309 Bering Dr 
San Jose, CA 95131 
Fax: (408) 325-8666 

December 1, 2006 


NetSe an Toots Pro 10 





""" '"" "' "'■ 

NetScanTools Pro 
Network Information Gathering: Reconnaissance and 

Security Testing: Uses active/passive means to look for 
networked devices & activitiy, and exposed open ports 
Training: Understanding network protocols, information 
gathering, and how network devices expose information 

Software, Inc. 

PO Box 1375 
Sequim, WA 98382-1375 
Phone: (866) 882-3389 
Fax: (360) 683-9871 


• Rugged metal enclosures 

• Large range of serial port models 

• RM models with built-in universal switch mode PSU with 
others having brick type PSU 

• Choice of RS232, RS422, RS485 serial interface ports 
with surge protection 


EasySYNC 1 

7235 NW Evergreen Pkwy 
Suite 600 

Hillsboro, OR 97124 
Phone: (503) 547-0909 

Sams Great 

New Look 

Our new, easier-to-read home 

page allows you to quickly find the information you need. 



Page 24 

May 18, 2007 

The Best Ways To Cool 
Your Data Center 


by John Brandon 

• • • 

Cooling a data center is a critical step 
in mastering the IT infrastructure. Not only 
does proper cooling reduce server down- 
time for the enterprise, but it helps maintain 
server reliability, allows admins to control 
power usage by keeping servers running 
smoothly, and streamlines the integration 
between facility costs and data center costs. 
Getting the big picture on cooling can be a 
difficult endeavor, however, because many 
data center managers have added technolo- 
gy components over a period of years, and 
issues such as server consolidation to help 
with cooling might seem like a monumen- 
tal undertaking. Yet a broad view of cool- 
ing can bring great rewards in reliability 
and power savings and help reduce the 
complexity of managing multiple servers 
and their resulting cooling requirements. 

These tips are designed to help you 
understand the latest developments in data 
center cooling, including some of the most 
recent products meant to address the needs 
of most companies. 

Jump-start A Green Initiative 

One of the top trends in IT is a move to 
green computing, mostly due to new scien- 
tific information about global warming and 
environmental causes for ozone depletion. 
In terms of cooling, new legislation govern- 
ing ozone emission by air conditioner units 
won't go into effect until 2010. Eddie 
Stevenson, a spokesperson at the portable 
air conditioner manufacturing company 
MovinCool (, 
says data centers can install new R410A 
portable units in their Office Pro line that 

do not release the chemical that can cause 
ozone depletion. 

A secondary benefit is that companies 
can meet compliance regulations early and 
not be surprised by the resulting infrastruc- 
ture changes. Another boon is that man- 
agers can benefit from a portable system 
that can cool data centers down to 65 
degrees Fahrenheit. Stevenson says, "You 
can move to the R410A refrigerant systems 
a couple of years ahead of the curve." 

Control Airflow 

A second approach to cooling the data 
center is to install fans and server enclosures 
that help direct airflow for the most opti- 
mal cooling in the data center, says Chris 
Williams, president of Karis Technologies 
(, a custom 
enclosure manufacturer. 

"An air distribution system needs to cre- 
ate a usable air environment, delivering the 
right amount of air to the correct location in 
the right quantity of cubic feet per minute at 
the right pressure," says Williams. "Many 
solutions fail because they penetrate the 
raised floor, thereby compromising the stat- 
ic pressure under the floor. Others attempt 
to draw air out of the top of the cabinet. The 
ideal solution does not require any infra- 
structure changes. Our solution does not 
perforate the raised floor, [an occurrence] 
which raises infrastructure costs." 

Install Blanking Panels 

Due to installation time or budget con- 
straints, some server racks and enclosures 
do not have a simple cooling measure that 
can help control heat and make servers run 
cooler, even without some of the other 

common cooling measures. This involves 
adding blanking panels to the racks and 
enclosures, an effective technique that pre- 
vents warm air from mixing with cool air 
around equipment. It' s not as common as it 
should be, partly because it often involves 
dismantling the equipment in order to 
install the blanking panels and partly 
because of compatibility between brands. 
Interestingly, many racks and cabinets 
come with the blanking panels, but man- 
agers just overlook the installation step. 

"Most people ignore these cheap and 
easy items, but they can be a miracle work- 
er [for data center cooling]," says Brian 
Stockton, the NYSE Euronext managing 
director of operations. 

Focus On Cost-Conscious Cooling 

One additional trend in portable cooling 
has another benefit for managers. Many 
companies decide to regulate air conditioning 
in the building to save on cooling costs, espe- 
cially overnight. As any data center manager 
knows, servers and storage continue to oper- 
ate and generate heat, which means a higher 
potential for failure or heat buildup. A 
portable air conditioning system will contin- 
ue working to maintain optimal cooling lev- 
els even if the main systems are regulated. 

"Portable units do not care what the tem- 
perature is in the building and will continue to 
run 24 hours per day," says Buddy Phillips, 
an Atlas Sales and Rental (www.Processor 

Best Tip: 
Consolidate Servers 

Data center cooling is an important issue, 
and it ties in directly with server utilization. If 
racks of servers are only being utilized at 
10% of their optimal performance level, they 
are still generating heat and require cooling. 
One of the best tips for data center cooling is 
to consolidate servers, says Brian Stockton, 
the NYSE Euronext managing director of 
operations. He advises data center man- 
agers to push for more optimization and con- 
solidation, which can result in reducing the 
number of servers by 10, 20, or even 50% 
and lead to a much more streamlined opera- 
tion and lower power requirements and 
therefore lower cooling requirements. 
Another benefit is lesser burden on IT staff to 
manage cooling in the data center with fewer 
servers. He says cabinet design is another 
critical factor in consolidating servers 
because it can help admins deal with cooling 
cabinets at the source: the servers. 

.com/ Atlas Sales) technical spokesperson. 
"Companies may have a 3 -ton main system 
or a 50-ton system, but portable units allow 
you to maintain temperatures at all hours of 
the day without regard for what the property 
manager decides about cooling." 

Easiest To Implement: Add Fans 

One of the easiest-to-implement 
cooling tips involves adding 
new fans to the data center, 
especially ceiling-mounted units 
such as those from MovinCool 
The CM 1 2 products are easy 

to install and provide immediate 
benefits for data center man- 
agers who need a fast, reliable 
option for controlling airflow on 
servers that keep overheating 
and failing. "Many managers 
expand into closets or small 

areas of the data center and 
need a solution that addresses 
the cooling needs just for that 
new cabinet," says Stevenson. 
"It's also ideal for those who just 
do not have the floor space for 
more cooling units." 


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May 18, 2007 

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May 18, 2007 

Proper Cabling 
Pays Off 

Innovative Cabling Products 
For The Enterprise 

by Chris A. MacKinnon 

• • • 

Data centers need to be kept cool with 
superb airflow. But how often do you think 
about how cabling impacts these and other 
data center necessities? If cabling gets 
neglected, it can quickly become unsightly 
and wind up in a giant mess. Jennifer 
Moczynski, product manager of network 
cabling solutions at HellermannTyton, says 
poor cable management can lead to dam- 
aged cables and performance degradations 
(due to improper cooling or bundling). 
Moczynski says, "Taking the time to do 
proper cable management from the begin- 
ning saves more time and money later." 

The Payoffs 

According to Benoit Chevarie, product 
line manager at Belden, proper cabling 
control in small to midsized enterprises is 
necessary because they are the ones that 
are likely to experience the fastest growth. 
Chevarie notes, "When they design their 
data centers, they need to plan for at least 
the next 15 years. Their applications and 
the equipment that run them will change 
every three to five years, but the cabling 
infrastructure should be able to support the 
current as well as future needs of their 
data center." He says a well-designed 
cabling infrastructure will be flexible and 
will adapt to the changing needs of the 
data center. 

Chevarie says, nowadays, it is common 
to see 48 copper ports and 12 fiber ports 
deployed to each server cabinet. "With this 
kind of density," he says, "the networking 
switches will handle thousands of ports; 
therefore, this kind of density will not be 
possible without implementing some struc- 
ture in the physical layer. Structured 
cabling in the data center will provide flexi- 
bility and will ensure scalability." 

Roger Jette, president at Snake Tray, 
says SMEs in particular will benefit from 
proper cabling control. Jette notes, "A com- 
pany's fragility is amplified the smaller a 
company is. A large entity may be able to 
bury a problem, but a small company at the 
end of the event may no longer exist." Jette 
says front-end planning will only seem dis- 
proportionate in cost, when in reality, it is 
the best money spent. 

Jette says in his 25 -plus year career, he 
has never met a data center manager who 
was not concerned about cabling infrastruc- 
ture. He says, "With regards to airflow and 
its relationship to effective cooling of the 
IT equipment, the only way to prevent mis- 
sion-critical failure is to preplan the cable 
layout, creating cable pathways in specific 
spots to prevent air damming that not only 
could fail a critical device but drastically 
increase the overall operational costs for 
maintenance and utilities." 

Moczynski says paying attention to items 
such as maintaining the bend radius and 

The Impact Of Improper Cabling 

Cabling isn't typically some- 
thing data center and IT man- 
agers mull over, but it can have 
a big impact on proper data 
center cooling and airflow. 
Benoit Chevarie, product line 
manager at Belden, explains: 

"Data center and IT managers 
are plugging in RJ-45 copper 
patch cords or LC duplex fiber 
patch cords and getting a green 
light showing an active status, 
and that's what counts. But with 
the ever-increasing amount of 
data being treated by corpora- 
tions, server cabinets are being 

loaded with 15 to 20 (and 
sometimes up to 40) 1 RU 
servers that each have two, 
three, or four network connec- 
tions. Before you know it, there 
are between 30 and 1 60 cop- 
per and fiber connections 
going to several cabinets in 
the data center. 

"The cabinets housing the 
servers are often going to be 
24 inches wide, and the num- 
ber of patch cords and cumu- 
lated slack is going to com- 
pletely fill the back of the 
enclosure (and will therefore 

block all cooling fans resulting 
in heat buildup and equipment 

A similar concern is with the 
high-density modular switches, 
where up to 576 copper patch 
cords can connect to the front 
of the equipment, creating real 
congestion and potential air- 
flow blockage if they are not 
properly dressed. The air 
blockage problem can also 
happen under the floor if a lot 
of cables are distributed to 
many cabinets in a nonorderly 

making sure cables are not pinched to 
impede performance is all a part of good 
cable management. She says good manage- 
ment also includes creating plenty of open 
capacity for future expansion. "Electrical 
issues are also important. High and low volt- 
ages exist, so the cabling must be separated. 
Be aware of plenum and riser issues, as well. 
You do not want to impede airflow." A 
plenum is the space between a structural 
ceiling and a dropped ceiling or under a 
raised floor. A riser, on the other hand, is a 
vertical pathway or space between floors. 
(Plenums and risers should have adequate 
fire and smoke resistance to prevent fires 
from spreading.) 

Innovative Offerings 

Standard cabling products are easily avail- 
able, and they do get the basic job done. But 
it's the innovative cabling products that are 
seriously improving the life span of today's 
data center. HellermannTyton is a Wiscon- 
sin-based company that provides these types 
of products. The company's RapidNet sys- 
tem, the world's first Category 6 pretermi- 
nated solution offering the first available 
copper and fiber modular configurations, is 
one such product. 

"RapidNet," explains Moczynski, "is a 
plug-and-play system which does not 
require onsite termination or certification 
testing. This dramatically reduces installa- 
tion time. Even though the installation will 
be completed in record time (reduced by 
75%), quality and performance is never 
compromised because each individual link is 
terminated and tested by HellermannTyton 
before being delivered to the site." Moczyn- 
ski says that documented cases have shown 
a reduction of installation time by up to 85% 
using RapidNet. RapidNet provides benefits 
including simplified in-house cabling addi- 
tions, minimized downtime and disruption, 
and more projects being completed with the 
same workforce. 

Chevarie says Belden offers a variety of 
data center cabling and cable management 
solutions. He notes, "We manufacture all 
components of the cabling system, and we 
focus on developing technologies that opti- 
mize the performance in a small footprint. 
Some examples include our ultra high-den- 
sity patch panels with 48 ports in one rack 
unit and our small-diameter 10G UTP cable 
(0.295 inches). We also have a full line of 
racks and enclosures, as well as a variety of 
patch cord management accessories." 

Belden also offers the Patch Cord Man- 
agement Tool, which allows easy access to 
all patch cords connected in a high-density 
environment. The company's Angled Man- 
agement Bar also qualifies under innovation. 
Chevarie notes, "This product can be retro- 
fitted in a patch panel installation to elimi- 
nate horizontal managers and therefore 
increase the connection density. It can also 
be retro-fitted in an existing installation and 
fits over the patch panel mounting screws, 
so it takes no vertical space in the rack." 

Three Innovative 
Cabling Products 

Belden's Ultra High-Density 
10GX Patch Panel 

Belden's Ultra High-Density 10GX Patch Panel 
meets and exceeds all parameters of the 
upcoming 10GBASE-T standard with 48 ports 
in 1 U to optimize server cabinet vertical space. 

HellermannTyton's RapidNet 
RapidNet is a high-performance, preterminat- 
ed network cabling system. Proprietary bun- 
dled cables are used and are terminated to 
patented RapidNet cassettes, which snap into 
a RapidNet modular panel that in turn latches 
onto standard 19-inch racks. 

Snake Tray's Mega Snake 

A new high-capacity cable tray for overhead 

applications able to convey thousands of 

cables for larger cable runs, this product is 

Snake Tray's first large cable tray that nests 


Jette says Snake Tray also has innovation 
up its sleeves. The New York-based cable 
management solution provider makes the 
Snake Canyon, a modular cable tray system 
that provides pathways under raised data 
center floors (using only 20% of the labor 
used with traditional cabling methods). 
Jette says Snake Canyon also allows for 
proper airflow. He says the company's 
Snake Air, an airflow manager designed to 
block stray air from escaping from under 
raised floors (or through data racks), pre- 
vents sensitive equipment from overheating 
in the data center. 

Reinforcing the importance of proper 
cabling, Jette says, "Communication path- 
ways in today's world are no less essential to 
a building's infrastructure than the plumb- 
ing. A cable pathway engineered into a 
building in its design phase will ensure long- 
term low cost of ownership of the communi- 
cation system." Chevarie says cabling is 
often taken for granted by data center pro- 
fessionals simply because it looks simple. 
He says, "Connecting switches to servers 
using copper or fiber patch cords may sound 
easy until you need to do some modifica- 
tions or expansion in the data center." 


Pulizzi Engineering 
Accessories and Cables 

Pulizzi Engineering carries a variety of 
power cords, plugs, and mounting brackets, 

including NEMA 5-15P to IEC C19, 

NEMA L6-20P to IEC C19, and European 

Shucko to IEC C19 cord sets 


Data Center Services 

April 6, 2007 

Horizon Datacom Solutions provides you with reliable and 
time-tested sales and service for used and refurbished net- 
work hardware, including Cisco, Extreme Networks, 
Enterasys, HP, Foundry, among others . 

We buy large or small quantities of network LAN/WAN, wire- 
less, and VoIP equipment. Or you can use it as credit to 
update your current infrastructure. If you have surplus equip- 
ment, please note quantities, description, condition, and any 
other notes where possible. 

If you frequently upgrade your equipment or have large quan- 
tities to dispose of, let us design an asset management plan 
for you. We can help you increase both cash flow and return 
on assets by emailing us your list of surplus equipment. 

ULJH HorizonDatacom 


Your Network, Our Mission™ 

400 Lazelle Rd. 
Phone: (614)847-0400 

Columbus, OH 43240 
Fax: (614)847-1112 

Hosting & Disaster Recovery 

February 23, 2007 

Dataside, the premier provider of custom data center space 
for enterprise installations, has six data centers in Dallas, 
Austin, and Las Vegas. Dataside uses a unique carrier- 
neutral access model and offers the highest levels of 
security and reliability in top-tier facilities. 

• Cabinets 

• Custom Power 

• Cages • Private Suites 

• Custom Square Footage 


1950 N. Stemmons Freeway 
Suite #2033 
Dallas, TX 75207 
Fax: (214)231-0171 


te> ^ 

Pegasus Computer 
Marketing, Inc. 

January 13, 2006 

POS (Point-of-Sale) 

Barcoding / Scanners / 

Barcode Printers 

Sales & Maintenance 

• Quality Service 

• Experienced Technicians 

• Fast Return 

• Servicing Major Brands 

Symbol • Intermec • Zebra 
Metrologic • Cisco Access Pts. 

Call Us Today! 

4 Mustang Circle 
Forney, TX 75126 
Fax: (972) 564-5027 

May 18, 2007 

Outsourcing Data 
Center Space 

When Does It Make 
Sense For The SME? 

by Paul Ferrill 

• • • 

Building a new data center from the 
ground up is cost prohibitive for most small 
to medium-sized enterprises. If you can't 
make your existing facilities work, the next 
best alternative is to either lease extra floor 
space or outsource some of your functions. 
The big question then is what part of your 
IT operations do you move to another facil- 
ity or consider for outsourcing? 

Shopping for a data center outsourcing 
vendor can be a little daunting. Options 
abound, from big international operations 
to regional providers. Many of the larger 
facilities offer the basics — space with 
appropriate power and cooling and a fast 

Questions To Consider 

What are the costs related to maintaining 
our existing data center? 
What are my most mission-critical IT appli- 

Will my existing data center be able to han- 
dle our IT needs for the next five years? 
Do we have specific functions that make 
sense to send offsite? 
Do we need to keep an offsite presence to 
meet regulatory demands? 

connection to multiple carriers. Others add 
managed services to the mix to handle your 
equipment and network monitoring. Choos- 
ing the right one depends a great deal on 
how much control you want to maintain 
over the equipment. 

Equipment Demands 

Growing IT demands represents the most 
common reason for even considering out- 
sourcing. New applications and business 
growth are forcing IT managers to look 
outside their own organizations to meet 
current and future growth needs. New 
applications often require more CPU 
throughput, while expanding data needs 
require more storage. 

The latest and greatest high-density 
servers deliver lots of horsepower in a rela- 
tively small footprint. They also demand a 
great deal in terms of cooling and power. 
Many existing data centers just don't have 
the infrastructure to support the cooling and 
high power requirements to support these 
new servers. Make sure you understand 
what those requirements are before order- 
ing any new equipment. 

You'll need to ask the same questions of 
any potential data center outsourcing 
provider to make sure its facility can handle 
your requirements, as well. It's possible 
you could see as much as a 10-fold increase 
in power required for a single cabinet filled 
with high-density blade servers and high- 
capacity storage. Supplemental cooling 
could be required, as well. 


Dataside is a regional provider with facil- 
ities in Dallas, Austin, and Las Vegas. The 
company's primary business focus is to 
provide the physical facility for customers 
to locate their equipment. "We offer our 
customers a secure environment with con- 
nections to multiple carriers to meet their 
most demanding reliability and uptime 
requirements," says Aaron Alwell, director 
of marketing for Dataside. 

"We've seen a good deal of interest from 
companies in the financial and medical 
markets that need to maintain some type of 
offsite records retention to meet regulatory 
compliance. Our approach is to work close- 
ly with each customer to help them meet 
their business needs," says Alwell. Data- 
side also offers additional services, includ- 
ing network management and security, 
Internet access, managed services, and 
WAN monitoring. 

Equinix is a large data center provider 
with facilities in the United States and 
overseas. Margie Backaus is the chief busi- 
ness officer for Equinix. "Our core com- 
petency is providing the facilities and 
connectivity for businesses to locate their 
most mission-critical applications," says 
Backaus. The company also brings a wealth 

Page 27 

of partners to the table for customers look- 
ing for a complete turnkey solution. 

"Our facilities are the best in the business 
and have been built with six nines reliability 
in mind. We supply everything from redun- 
dant cooling and power to direct connectiv- 
ity with all the major carriers. We also see 
an advantage of having a very large data 
center with multiple customers in that it pro- 
vides the opportunity to bring them together 
to meet a business need," says Backaus. 


Choosing a specific function or application 
to outsource depends a lot on the nature of 
your business. One big advantage of using a 
data center provider is the access to multiple 
carriers. "We have a number of customers 
that have a very small footprint in our facility 
but use it to connect with several different 
carriers. That way they can maintain a single 
circuit from their facility to ours and then 
connect to any number of carriers for a very 
reasonable cost," says Equinix's Backaus. 

Database-intensive applications with 
users in multiple locations represent anoth- 
er prime candidate for moving to an offsite 
facility. If your most mission-critical appli- 
cation is your ERP or CRM system and you 
have multiple locations with a need to 
Go to Page 28 

Data Center Outsourcing Providers 



Regional provider with 
strong customer focus 


Global highly reliable out- 
sourcing provider 


Managed hosting services 

Switch and Data 


U.S. provider with locations 
across the country 

Short on time? 

The proven track record of Processor's print issue and Web site offer an 
unbeatable combination! 

When you're looking for product or buying information, turn to the print issue 
for a wide variety of current products from our list of 
hand-selected manufacturers and resellers, 
along with articles and information to 

help you stay on top of the industry. 

Once you're ready to buy, turn to our 
Web site to connect with companies 
offering the products and services 
you need. 

\\1 Afooar 

»^s«'-™^' - 

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An Open Door 
& A Good Ear 

Two Marks Of A Good 
IT Manager 

by Sandra Kay Miller 

• • • 

At one time, anyone who understood the 
difference between memory and disk space 
was qualified to manage an IT department. 
Today, it takes more than just technical 
expertise to become a good IT manager. 

IT managers must be able to juggle tech- 
nology, business, and people effectively. 
Being able to build a budget and a network 
is equally as important as building a team. 

We could take a cue from one of the 
leading managers of our generation, Bill 
Gates, who attributed Microsoft's success 
to the empowerment of his employees. 
Gates' management formula was to hire 
people who had skills he did not possess 
and trust them with the responsibility of 
creating top-notch products. By drawing on 

his individual employees' strengths and 
bringing them together, Gates has built the 
largest technology company in the world. 

Be Open & Be Organized 

But you don't have to be building another 
Microsoft ( to strive to 
be a great manager. Regardless of the size of 
your IT department, there are a number of 
traits that identify the makings of a success- 
ful IT manager. Being approachable and 
willing to listen are two at the top of the list. 

But there's more to it than getting through 
the IT manager's door and having him listen. 
"One of the most frustrating things about my 
job is we sit around in meetings and talk 
about projects that never get started," 
complains a line-level MIS employee for a 
global technology services company. "We 
work on assigned projects for weeks, even 
months at a time, and then they just disap- 
pear into a big black hole." IT managers who 
are well organized and action-oriented give 

their employees a sense of accomplishment. 
Both managers and employees benefit from 
successfully completed projects. 

Equally bothersome to IT workers in the 
trenches is reporting to managers who are 
technically ignorant of their employees' 
jobs. A good manager may not understand 
the intricacies of all of her employees' job 
functions, but she often has a firm grasp, 
which allows her to make honest assess- 
ments and set fair milestones. 

Laughter: The Best Medicine 

Increasingly, successful applicants for IT 
managerial positions have an MBA. Tech- 
nology has evolved from being a support 
system for business to the foundation on 
which entire enterprises are built. C-level 
officers rely just as much on the business 
acumen of their IT managers as they do for 
aiding them in making technology decisions. 
A good IT manager can translate technology 
into a business case for nontechnical man- 
agers and executives. This is especially criti- 
cal in this era of regulatory compliance. 

Most importantly, a good IT manager has 
to be able to build a cohesive department. 
While team building and leadership skills 
are necessary, employees repeatedly cite a 
sense of humor as one of the absolute 
requirements for a successful IT manager. 

"When a critical system went down 
and our entire department was frantically 

May 18, 2007 

working to switch over to the backup, our 
manager fielded angry calls from users so 
we could get the system back online as soon 
as possible. Despite the tense situation, 
from her office we could hear our manager 
answering the phones in a nasally voice imi- 
tating an old-fashioned telephone operator," 
says Katie Davis, a system administrator at 
a Crown luxury resort. Davis' boss would 
then ask her team for updates in parody of 
NASA Mission Control. After the crisis 
passed, she took her staff out to dinner to 
unwind. "We were having a really bad day, 
and she went out of her way to make sure 
we were able to do our jobs without inter- 
ference and then she treated us for a job 
well done. There's nothing her employees 
wouldn't do for her." 

12 Traits Of A Good 

.IT Manager 

1. Approachable 

8. Dependable 

2. Willing to listen 

9. Honest 

3. Action-oriented 

10. Excellent 

4. Organized 


5. Business savvy 

1 1 . Technically 

6. Creative 


7. Fair 

12. Sense of humor 

Sources: Portions of list taken 

from The Washington Post and / 


Data Center Space 

Continued from Page 27 

access it, then you might consider moving 

all the related equipment to another facility. 

Some companies have decided to move 

as much of their IT operations offsite as 

possible. One of the largest banks in the 
United States decided that strategically it's 
in the banking business, not the data center 
business. It maintains both in-house and 
outsourced data centers with a focus on 

moving as much as feasible to the out- 
sourced provider. 

Do Your Research 

For many companies the question of 
expanding their data centers is not if, but 
when and how. Choosing to use an out- 
sourcing vendor should not be a hard one. 
Comparing costs between outsourcing and 
building will easily show that the outsourc- 
ing route is definitely cost competitive. 

When you factor in the flexibility that it 
gives, it's almost a no-brainer. 

As with any strategic business decision, 
it' s important to have a good understanding 
of your business processes and what impact 
an outsourcing deal might have. Critical 
components will need to be addressed. Go 
through a standard procurement process 
with a list of your requirements and a 
request for quotes. It never hurts to look at 
all your options. 

Power Cords 

AC Power Cord IEC 60320 f 

C14 Plug to C13 Connector \ 

250v Black 

^**S&$] r * f 

CC-603M CM 


JEC- 60320 CI 3 






8 inch 




1.5 foot 




2 foot 




2.5 foot 




3 foot 




3.5 foot 




4 foot 




4.5 foot 




5 foot 




5.5 foot 




6 foot 




6.5 foot 




7 foot 




8 foot 




1 foot 




1.5 foot 




2 foot 




1 meter 




4 foot 




6 foot 




1 foot 




1.5 foot 




2 foot 




1 meter 




4 foot 




5 foot 



AC Power Cord IEC 60320 


C20 Plug 

to C19 Connector 

250v Black 

1EC-6032C. C20 


IEC 60330 0.9 






1 foot 




2 foot 




3 foot 




4 foot 




5 foot 




6 foot 




2.5 meter 




3 meter 




3 meter 




Power - Wfrfng - Rack 

AC Power Cord IEC 60320 

C14 Plug to C19 Connector 

250v Black 




1 foot 

2 foot 

3 foot 

4 foot 
4.5 foot 

5 foot 

6 foot 






AC Power Cord NEMA 5-15P Plug 

to C19 Connector 

12Sv Black 

IEC-60320 CI 9 




2 foot 

3 foot 
5.5 foot 
8 foot 
14 foot 





AC Power Cord IEC 60320 

C20 Plug to C13 Connector 

250v Black 




:t---r. :■ 



1 meter 




2 meter 




2 meter 




6 foot 




6 foot 



Premise Wiring 


To Order Cord Sets Visit 

Call 888-346-4688 

Or Email 

AC Power Cord NEMA 5-15P 

Plug to C 13 Connector 

I25v Black 






1 foot 




15 inch 




1 .5 foot 




2 foot 




3 foot 




4 foot 




5 foot 




6 foot 




7.5 foot 




8 foot 




10 foot 




12 foot 




15 foot 




20 foot 




25 foot 




1.5 foot 




2 foot 




1 meter 




3 foot 




4 foot 




5.5 foot 




2 meter 




6 foot 




8 foot 




3 meter 




10 foot 




20 foot 




1 foot 




1 .5 foot 




2 foot 




1 meter 




3 foot 




4 foot 




5 foot 




2 meter 




6 foot 




8 foot 




3 meter 



Racks & Cabinets 

May 18, 2007 

Page 29 


All About Storage 

Network Appliances & Storage Solutions 
For Your Computer Networks 

by Julie Sartain 

• • • 

Excel Meridian Data is all about storage 
solutions. "Our motto," says Paul Kleif- 
gen, vice president of marketing at EMD 
(, "is 'If you're 
not deleting, then it's storage.' That works 
hand-in-hand with our mission statement, 
which is 'custom storage solutions to meet 
your needs.' Customer satisfaction is our 
key to success, and we go the extra distance 
to make sure that our customers' data is 
protected and they are happy with the solu- 
tion that they receive." 

Excel Computer, founded in 1992, offers 
a complete line of customized network 
storage solutions that focus primarily on 
network-attached optical storage (CDs and 
DVD server solutions). Meridian Data, the 
CD-ROM business division, was purchased 
in March 2000. Meridian's specialty was 
network-attached optical storage solu- 
tions. Then in June 2000, both companies 
became wholly owned subsidiaries of 
Alanco Technologies. 

Now the company designs network appli- 
ances and storage solutions for computer 
networks. Products include an assortment 
of NAS (network- attached storage) filers 
(file data storage and sharing), NAS 
CD/DVD products (organized disc media 
storage and sharing), and direct-attached 
storage RAID subsystems (redundant and 
protected file data storage). 

"Presently, EMD is introducing a new 
line of serial attached SCSI (SAS) storage 
products that enable customers to manage 
more data with simplicity and reliability for 
longer periods of time without the fear of 

obsolescence," says Kleifgen. "The R&D 
behind this product was very intense, as we 
first had to qualify the new technology would 
perform in a variety of configurations using 
both SCSI and SATA drives without a prob- 
lem. We tested the throughputs, mixed and 
matched configurations to ensure that every 
potential problem was eliminated." 

New Products 

What makes EMD products different is a 
combination of superior hardware, refined 
software, and superb support. Whenever 
EMD prepares to introduce a new product, 
marketing research is performed to investi- 
gate the practicality of the product, the 
impact it will have on present technology, 
and the marketplace, notes Kleifgen. "Very 
often, plans take several years to unfold 
and blossom into reality because we want 
to introduce a product that is capable of 
returning investment to our clientele from 
day one. No one individual is the brains 
behind a new solution; every product is 
scrutinized by a team of engineers and pro- 
fessionals to ensure its success." 

"Designing a new product introduces 
serious challenges, especially if you want 
to step outside the box," says Kleifgen. 
"EMD introduced the 64-bit version of the 
NetStor WSS R2, which required special- 
ized handling of the software component. 
Microsoft offers a good product in the box, 
but to provide what 'we feel' is the real 
added value, we needed to modify and inte- 
grate customized user tools and features 
that integrated bare-metal recovery, virus 
protection, and specialized RAID handling 
using only a single operator console. This 

part of the product development was very 
tedious. Upon completion, we were very 
satisfied with the hard work that produced a 
superior product for our customers and dif- 
ferentiated us from our competition." 

Product Excellence 

The NetStor WSS R2 is Excel Meridian 
Data's most powerful product. It's complete- 
ly and easily configurable; the feature set is 
abundant; the performance is unmatched; 
and reliability is never an issue. And all of 
this is available at a reasonable price. In fact, 
EMD guarantees "the best value and return 
on investment available anywhere." 

Powered by Microsoft Windows Storage 
Server 2003 R2 ( — but 
customized by the EMD engineering team — 
the NetStor WSS R2 sets the standard for 
NAS. Two base models are available and 
both feature Dual Intel Xeon CPUs. The 
header (the operating system and the core) 
holds the 15,000rpm Ultra320 SCSI or 
SATA-II 3Gbps hard drives in a RAID 1 
configuration, and dual Gigabit Ethernet 
(100/l,000Mb) interfaces are standard. 


k. storage 


All of EMD's SecurStor RAID storage 
arrays work with the NetStor WSS R2 NAS 
header. Capacity is scalable to 128TB per 
NAS, and multiple array types are available 
to meet specific application requirements. 
Additional storage connectivity options 
include SATA-300, Ultra320 SCSI, SAS, 
and 4Gb Fibre Channel-based RAID arrays. 

Looking Ahead 

EMD's target audience is users of com- 
puter network-accessible storage, either 
through direct connection to the server or 
direct connection to the network, notes 

Kleifgen. EMD provides personal service 
to each client that contacts the company. 
Sales engineers scrutinize the requirements 
and present network configurations to 
determine the best customized solution for 
each customer and then tailor a support 
package to ensure long life and a quick 
return on the investment. 

Other companies that compete in this 
arena include EMC ( 
/EMCCorp), Dell (, NetApp 
HP (, Adaptec 
(, and 
Microsoft. All of these companies are now 
targeting the small and medium-sized 
enterprise marketplace, which EMD has 
served from the beginning. 

"What has helped us to survive and con- 
tinue to grow has been our single focus on 
data storage solutions," says Kleifgen. "We 
don't offer servers, workstations, boxed soft- 
ware, or network components — just storage 
solutions. We have assembled a team of 
storage professionals, both sales and sup- 
port, who concentrate on a single purpose: to 
offer you the best possible storage solution 
to meet your company's requirements. Our 
personalized service, from first call to satis- 
fied operation, was developed to maximize 
the purchasing experience and make each 
client a customer for life." 

EMD believes that customers buy bene- 
fits, not just features, says Kleifgen. Rarely 
do two customers in the marketplace require 
exactly the same product solution, so EMD 
promotes unique custom-tailored storage 
solutions to match each client's specific 
needs. "This sets us apart from the mass 
market approach of 'pushing features.'" 

And regarding the future: "EMD is 
always looking to improve the productivi- 
ty and reliability of its products," says 
Kleifgen. "Products under scrutiny at this 
time include Windows Unified Data Storage 
Server, Advanced Intel Server Platforms, 
and third-party products for integration to 
enhancement current products." 


Bridging The Gap 

EasySync's Lineup Helps SMEs 
Connect New & Legacy Equipment 

by Sixto Ortiz Jr. 

EasySync ( is a Glasgow, Scotland, 
manufacturer focused on two key areas: RS-232, RS-422, and RS-485 
USB and PCI serial communications cards and peripherals and measure- 
ment instrumentation based on the USB standard. 

Peripherals and cards manufactured and marketed by EasySync 
include USB-to-serial adapters, uPCI serial cards, and PCI parallel 
and host controller cards. The USB instrumentation product lineup 
features oscilloscopes, logic analyzers, data loggers, and probes and 

We asked Bob Recny, branch manager and head engineer for the 
Americas at EasySync, for his take on the biggest IT issues facing small 
and medium-sized enterprises today and to tell us about his company's 
products and what makes EasySync unique. 

Recny has worked in the PC communications field for more than 20 
years. He received his BS in electrical engineering in 1987 from the 
University of Akron and worked in Northeast Ohio until 2005. Eventually, 
Recny arrived in Oregon, where he helped establish the U.S. branch for 
EasySync. EasySync recently expanded the facility to accommodate 
increased sales. 

■ What are the biggest IT- 
related issues facing today's 
small to midsized enterprise? 

"While many companies are trying 
to decide whether to deploy the lat- 
est operating systems and what 
kind of systems are required to do 
so," says Recny, "they don't always 
realize that they may have numer- 
ous legacy devices that still need 

"Much of today's hardware," he 
adds, "has all but eliminated the 
legacy ports required to connect 
to these older devices. It's often 
only after a new system arrives 
that a company realizes that 
the latest hardware no longer 
supports their installed base of 

■ What should Processor 
readers know about your 
company's products? 

Recny emphasized the fact that 
EasySync's products bridge the 
gap from newer to older technolo- 
gies by supplying adapters and 
peripherals that enable connectiv- 
ity to older devices, thus helping 
businesses preserve their invest- 

"Many of our products," says Recny, 
"provide the link from older periph- 
erals to the latest host systems." 

"For example," he adds, "our USB 
serial devices allow connections to 
devices with the EIA232 (RS-232, 
along with RS-422, RS-485) standard 
that has been around for 40 years." 

"Our Ethernet-Serial products have 
from one to eight ports and provide 
remote serial ports for connecting 
such devices as weather stations, 
time clocks, and scales, all con- 
trolled from a single PC anywhere 
on a LAN or even the Internet," says 
Recny. RS-232, RS-422, and RS- 
485 options are available, he adds. 

"The PCI products round out the 
product line where," says Recny, 
"we provide additional serial con- 
nections form one to eight ports, 
again with RS-232, RS-422, and 
RS-485." Also, adds Recny, 
EasySync has a few more PCI 
cards to provide USB host and 
IEEE-1394 (FireWire) ports to a 
system that does not have them. 

"Moving on to our instrumentation 
line," says Recny, "we offer two 
USB-based oscilloscopes, the 

Stingray (DS1M12) and Swordfish 
(PS40M10)." Both are low-cost, 
throw-in-your-laptop-bag devices 
featuring the award-winning Easy- 
Scope II software, he adds. 

■ What makes your company 

According to Recny, EasySync uti- 
lizes only industry-standard FTDI 
(Future Technology Devices Inter- 
national; USB 
chipsets in all of the USB products 
manufactured and marketed by 
the company. 

"FTDI has provided reliable USB 
semiconductor solutions for over 1 
years, so our products are equally 
robust," Recny notes. 

"This," he adds, "makes for an easi- 
er decision to use EasySync USB 
solutions in even mission-critical sit- 
uations like medical to military appli- 
cations." Recny points out that none 
other than Fort Knox recently tested 
many USB-to-serial cables and set- 
tled on EasySync's products. And, 
he adds, the company routinely 
sees its products go from test to 
longtime purchasing decisions with 
universities, astronomers, and 
major corporations. 

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May 18, 2007 

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RimatriX5 IT Solutions From Rittal 

Scalable, flexible and efficient solutions 
for on-demand information technology 








Efficient business processes are unthinkable without reliable IT. And because global business never stops, 365 day 
per year data center availability is imperative. To meet these critical demands, Rittal offers RimatriXS - a scalable, 
flexible and efficient infrastructure solution designed for today's on-demand data center. 

Keeping up with increasing data requirements and associated infrastructure demands isn't enough. 
RimatriXS solutions keep data centers out in front of growing server densities and shrinking footprints. 
Find out how RimatriXS keeps IT performance up and costs down at 

Rittal Corporation - One Rittal Place - Springfield, Ohio 45504 USA 

Phone: 937.399.0500 - Fax: 937.390.5599 - E-mail: -